Cyberattack on Coca-Cola – A warning shot for inadequate security strategies

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According to reports from BleepingComputer, there was a cyber attack on the network of Coca-Cola. The world’s largest producer of soft drinks has now confirmed the attack and also said that the incident is currently being investigated. The ransomware group “Stormous”, according to its own data, successfully penetrated some of the company’s servers, stealing 161 GB of data in the process. Subsequently, the threat actors offered the data for sale on their leak site and demanded 1.65 Bitcoin, which is currently equivalent to about 62,000 euros.

Chris Harris, EMEA Sales Engineering Director at Thales

“This hack highlights the severity and frequency of security breaches in large organizations that have the sensitive data of millions of people around the world,” says Chris Harris, Technical Director EMEA at Thales . “For a response to cyber attacks, one of which occurs every 39 seconds, less than half of companies (48 percent) have a formal ransomware plan, according to the Thales Data Threat Report. This shows that companies are not making enough effort to tighten their security protocols to protect customer data.“

“Although the implementation of security technologies such as encryption and multi-factor authentication has increased slightly, we have not yet reached the level at which the majority of applications and data are fully protected,” Harris warns. “Therefore, immediate action needs to be taken to develop more robust cybersecurity strategies, and businesses need to adapt their approach to the changing threat models they face.“


This serious compromise is yet another stark warning for businesses of all sizes to remain vigilant. If these security-related goals are lost sight of, then criminals will exploit vulnerabilities. As a result, affected companies have to expect business interruptions, significant financial losses and costs to restore their reputation.

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