Digital Signage 2022: What the Industry needs to pay attention to this year

The topic of sustainability penetrates most industries and has top priority. Customers are increasingly asking for products and solutions that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and can be used and recycled for a long time – also on the display market. The experts at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe know what to look out for. […]

Sharp/NEC relies on environmentally friendly visualization solutions (c) Sharp/NEC

Even though digital signage solutions may represent an environmentally friendly alternative to print advertising media, they still leave a significant CO2 footprint, primarily due to their power consumption.

“In the future, manufacturers will have to be increasingly measured against this consumption,” says Matthias Hartmann, General Manager Sales DACH. “Customers will also increasingly rely on products that are environmentally friendly and made of durable materials such as metal instead of plastic. This allows users to use them longer and recycle them after use.“

Matthias Hartmann, General Manager Sales DACH at Sharp/NEC (c) Sharp/NEC

The durability of the products also depends on how well they can be repaired instead of disposed of. Manufacturers therefore shine when they offer spare parts as well as a comprehensive service program for their solutions.

Likewise, manufacturers must think about the consumption during shipping. The long-term goal should be to streamline distribution channels. It is already possible today to package display solutions in 100 percent recyclable material. This will also become an important evaluation criterion on the sustainability scale in 2022 and beyond.

With transparency and comparability as a trustworthy partner

The recipe for success in successfully communicating the environmental friendliness of display solutions means more than ever in the future: transparency and comparability. For this purpose, comparison tables such as the energy label (for further information see here, here and here) as well as standards and certifications such as TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), TCO Edge, Energy Star 6.0, ISO 14001 and the environmental certification Grüner Punkt are ideally suited.

With the specially developed TCO computer from Sharp/NEC, customers can also estimate and compare the total cost of ownership for desktop monitors, large-format displays and projectors. Default values are specified, which can be adapted according to individual requirements. These include, for example, the operating hours per day and the costs per kilowatt hour of the energy supplier.

Sustainable management is particularly important to Sharp/NEC, emphasizes Hartmann. “We want to play a part in making the world a little greener with our solutions and support other companies on their way to their sustainability goals. It is crucial to deal transparently with customers and to enable a high comparability of the products. With our TCO calculator we do just that.“

Hartmann sums up: “We are proud to have recently been awarded the Green Signage Award by the IT consulting company invidis as a pioneer in the production of environmentally friendly visualization solutions. This underlines that we are on the right track in terms of sustainability!“

Interested parties can find more information on the energy standards of Sharp/NEC here.

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