Digitization: Effort and income still too often diverge

Digitization: Effort and income still too often diverge


The IT service provider CGI has investigated why the digitization of companies often disappoints the expectations set in them – and what digital leaders do better. […]

So far, only a minority of around 20 percent of companies have achieved the self-set goals of their digitization efforts. This is shown by studies such as the CGI study “Voice of Our Clients”, in which about 1,700 executives from business and IT are involved. From the analysis of successful digitization projects, the IT service provider CGI has now derived a blueprint with five core elements for building digital value chains:

  1. Digitalization strategy
  2. Use of the latest IT technology
  3. Building a digital ecosystem
  4. Employee involvement
  5. Data Usage and Data protection

5 Steps to Success

According to the CGI paper, digital leaders first of all understood the principle that digitization affects all areas of the company and that the digital value chain is at the center of all activities. “Isolated solutions rarely lead to success,” CGI sums it up in a nutshell. But secondly, “without the use of state-of-the-art IT infrastructures and technologies, every promising strategy remains waste”. The analysts specifically mention three aspects as important prerequisites for the digital value chain: cloud and platform-based technology landscapes, analytics and artificial intelligence.

In addition, third, CGI writes the companies in the master book: “It is a misconception to think that you can go through digitization alone.“ This means nothing other than that digital leaders would build up an ecosystem of complementary partners and service providers at an early stage and create a win-win situation with a lucrative division of labor for all.

Finally, in the fourth step, CGI focuses on the HR strategy of the companies. “Digital leaders have, what is often forgotten, intensively involved, trained and trained their employees,” says the CGI analysis, which derives a concrete conclusion from this: “Digitization must be accompanied by comprehensive change management programs.“

Even an aspect that is often cited as a hindrance to successful digitization, the CGI experts can gain something positive: due to the value and importance of the data, protection against theft, forgery or misuse is in the very own interest of the companies. However, companies would have to change the use of data from prediction and planning to recognition and response (sense-and-response).

Torsten Straß, President Central &Eastern Europe and Member of the Global Executive Committee at CGI, sums up: “Leading companies and digital executives integrate digitization into every aspect of their value chain. They see digital transformation as the core of their overall business strategy, efficiently align their business and IT priorities and are able to introduce innovations that serve the further development of their digital value chains.“

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