Drei launches mobile subscription as an app

Drei launches mobile subscription as an app

With the launch of up3, Drei has launched an app on the mobile communications market that makes it possible to complete a completely digital subscription for mobile communications without a contract or SIM card. […]

As for film, television, music, books or online gaming, up3 customers can take out a mobile subscription via app from anywhere and without a physical SIM card. The offer works with all eSIM-enabled smartphones and, according to its own information, one of the first purely digital mobile subscriptions worldwide. This also eliminates the minimum contract period, service fee and activation fee.

“With our new up3 mobile phone subscription, we are launching a solution on the market for the first time in Austria that corresponds to the digital everyday life of many Austrians who do their banking, insurance, travel bookings or entertainment completely on their smartphones. All up3 processes, from registration to service requests to deregistration, are 100 percent completely digital,“ says Rudolf Schrefl, CEO of Drei.

One of the first purely digital mobile subscriptions worldwide.

The basis for the fully digital up3 registration is the eSIM. Statistically, every Austrian uses 1.46 SIM cards. Currently, around 1.6 million eSIM-enabled devices are in use in Austria, and by the end of the year this number will increase to around two million devices

“In the future, more and more devices will be equipped with eSIMs. Not only smartphones, but also data modems, TV sets and laptops. We see enormous growth potential here. With our pioneering mobile subscription, one of the first purely digital mobile subscriptions worldwide, we are actively shaping this future. We are already working on the next steps of the possible uses of the subscription in order to continue to be the innovation leader in product developments,“ adds Günter Lischka, Head of Private Customers at Drei.

As is usual with many subscriptions, customers log in after downloading the up3 app from the AppleAppStore or Google Play Store with a Google, Apple or Facebook account or, if desired, also via e-mail and password. The Face ID or a fingerprint as identification on the mobile phone is sufficient. Payment is made in advance with common means of payment such as Visa / Mastercard, Apple Pay or PayPal. If additional foreign units or faster speeds are required, this can be easily booked in the app. Even if you change your mobile phone, the eSIM is immediately ready for use again and thus the phone number is immediately available again. And as usual with subscriptions, up3 can also be paused for up to a year, while calls and SMS are still received under the usual phone number.

up3 offers download speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s – with unlimited data volume. In addition, the mobile phone subscription includes unlimited SMS and voice minutes including 30 GB of EU roaming. Up3 offers three with an introductory price of 25 euros instead of the regular 50 euros.

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