Dynatrace opens another location in Innsbruck

Dynatrace opens another location in Innsbruck

With the location in Innsbruck, Dynatrace wants to appeal to IT specialists from the west of Austria, from the south of Germany and the north of Italy. After the founding location in Linz and the labs in Hagenberg, Klagenfurt, Graz and Vienna, the lab in Innsbruck, which specializes in “cloud automation”, is the sixth development location in Austria. […]

The lab is headed by Andreas Doblander. Doblander is currently working wonderfully in Pembaurstraße with five coworking colleagues, but is looking for a location with expansion opportunities. Within four years, Dynatrace plans to employ 75 people in Innsbruck, with a long-term workforce of around 150. “Andreas Doblander is very closely linked to our history of origin,” says Dynatrace founder and CTO Bernd Greifeneder. “He was responsible for the introduction of Dynatrace at one of our first customers, the General Data Center in Innsbruck.“

According to Doblander, the further development of a product that is internationally oriented and creates immediate added value for the customer is a fascinating task. For the native Tyrolean, the function as a lab lead is a return to the roots of his education. Doblander holds a doctorate in Computer Engineering from Graz University of Technology. “Now I have landed thematically in the middle of software engineering again. This work and the development of a powerful team are a welcome challenge,“ the 44-year-old is looking forward to the upcoming tasks.

Using the strengths of the location

Innsbruck is a strong IT location with its computer science and business informatics degree programs, as well as its research focus on digitization topics at the University. The Tyrolean training program is supplemented by two universities of applied sciences, a HTL and a college with a computer science focus. Since there are also corresponding offers in southern Germany and South Tyrol, Doblander is convinced that it will be able to realize the ambitious growth targets in Innsbruck. “If we take advantage of the strengths of the location, we will have a powerful team of 20 at the end of the year.” The focus on the focus on “Cloud Automation” is a particularly attractive field for software developers: relieving IT specialists of tasks that can be automated – through the use of state-of–the-art methods and technologies. “There is great potential in this,” says Doblander, because “worldwide, more than 40 percent of IT professionals, who are already deficient, spend their time “computer babysitting” instead of being able to concentrate on their actual, creative core tasks.

Autopilot for installation, update and operation of new services

In close cooperation with the Dynatrace Lab in Klagenfurt, Doblander’s team is further developing the open source software Keptn for enterprise customers. The goal is to optimize the DevOps cycle – i.e. the time span from software development (Dev development) to commissioning (Ops operations). In this way, “Cloud Automation” ensures that new services or updates in web shops, booking and reservation platforms, banking, medical, health or e-government apps run error-free right from the start – and this is completely automated, if necessary in stages and at unmatched speed. This saves up to 80 percent of the previously required working time and frees the employees for creative tasks. “To ensure that all this happens without surprises and that the customer receives real added value, Dynatrace itself acts as ‘Customer 0’: we use Dynatrace in development and operation in order to be able to offer Dynatrace in the highest quality for our customers,” explains Doblander.

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