E-Waste Day 2021: Today is E-Waste Day

October 14 is E-Waste Day. Because of more and more defective and unused electrical appliances, environmentalists are appealing to consumers. They should repair or recycle discarded electrical appliances. […]

Today is the annual international E-Waste Day. According to the UN, in 2021, every person on Earth will produce an average of 7.6 kg of e-waste. This results in a mountain of waste worldwide that will weigh over 57 million tons. However, only a sixth of these will be, according to a blog by erecyling.ch professionally and environmentally disposed of.

Despite all efforts, the e-waste mountain continues to grow. According to a “Global E-Waste Monitor 2020” co-authored by the United Nations University, 53.6 million tons of e-waste came together in 2019, a growth of 21 percent within five years. And a turnaround is not in sight: if the development continues, 74 million tons are expected in 2030, reports the news agency SDA.

Fortunately, the situation in Switzerland looks better. According to the SENS Erecycling blog entry, we are “European champion in the take–back of electrical appliances – and in some cases by a large margin.” In the last 30 years, no less than 1.2 million used electrical appliances have been collected and recycled. This would not only have made it possible to recycle over 900,000 tonnes of recyclables, but also to avoid 3,700 tonnes of pollutant emissions and thus reduce the annual environmental impact in Switzerland by 4%.

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