Easter Egg in the source code: The new whitehouse.gov not only inspires developers

On Wednesday, Joe Biden was than the 46. President of the United States inaugurated. With his entry into the White house also the related website has been given a new coat of paint.

The website of the White house, was established in 1994 by the Clinton Administration to life. Its purpose is: to The Public to serve as a source of information about the current operations of the President. There is information about the President and the Vice-President, and their families are described. Users will also find press releases, proclamations, Executive Orders, and copies of the officials of the White house Speeches, Election events and upcoming elections. In short: wh.gov – how the side is also accessible is an important source of information for the citizens of the United States. With each change of President, the Website will be extensively revised.

Sympathy points for developers

On the day of the Inauguration had been happy in the social networks, a number of outsourcing developer in the source code of the page hidden Easter-Egg: “If you’re reading this, we need your help.”

The Job of a web developer, had Biden is hiding shortly after his election victory in the source code of his Transition Website buildbackbetter.gov since Wednesday, the click on the Link, a Redirect to the whitehouse.gov-Page, the comment the prompt is, however, remained.

However, this is not the only one Redirect. Also, anyone who enters the bar antifa.com in the browser, lands on whitehouse.gov. At the Moment, however, is unclear who owns the Domain antifa.com . It is conceivable that it is the work of trolls, similar to how the Domain loser.com on Donald trump’s Wikipedia entry redirects.

Dark Mode and Font Size-Toggle

To complain too much, there is not a superficial glance at the side of the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC. It is striking that, in contrast to the Whitehhouse presence of the Trump Administration, a Dark-Mode. In addition, the font size for better readability toggle. In terms of Accessibility but that’s not all. When you Open the Dev Tools (alt + cmd + i on Google Chrome) is not only the call for cooperation in the eye, but also that all images and Links with Alt-Tags, respectively, Link descriptions, and Aria Labels provided. There is also a Translation into Spanish.

WordPress and jQuery

In addition, it is striking that the site apparently WordPress and the JS-veteran jQuery plug in. Solid technologies, with still a large spread, in the year of 2021, but both are not necessarily State-of-the-art web developers, size, Wes Bos this is a fact commented on in a humorous allusion to the recently unveiled React-Server-Components: “PHP is where we will all arrive in other languages at some point.”

Check with Google’s analysis tool to Lighthouse of the website for the newly to the office in the upscale U.S. President is, however, possibly because of it – almost without complaint.

The highest values in terms of Accessibility and SEO

In terms of Accessibility and Search-Engine-Optimization, the page reaches the maximum value of 100 points, and also with regard to the implementation of Best Practices, is wh.gov with 93 points, still in the green. Only as for the Performance, disappointed the Page in our Test, with only 27 points in mobile view and 72 in the Desktop view.

Disclaimer: These values can vary. Anyone who is interested in the Details of the Score calculation in Lighthouse: Find you can the Tool in the open Dev Tools (on Chrome) as follows:

And before that?

A quick look at a recently (on March 18. January 2021) Snapshot of whitehouse.gov under Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, it is clear that there was no Dark Mode yet the font size for better readability toggle. Also, hidden messages in curious developers who might be snooping around in the source code Trumps Website is not offered. The government had not written, however, in contrast to that of its successor is also the Motto of “Build Back Better” on the flags.

Correction note: The Information that it is unclear who owns the Domain antifa.com was subsequently added.

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