Elcotec GmbH relies on support from eBakery

Elcotec GmbH setzt auf Unterstützung durch eBakery

eCommerce consulting

Even if the corona crisis has hit the event and event industry hard, after more than a year of severe restrictions, a decline to normal is finally foreseeable. One can assume that the event scene will catch up a lot in the upcoming summer, which had to be dispensed with in recent months. So the events industry is preparing for the end of the pandemic and it is very likely that many events will take place outdoors in the first place. Companies that have used the time to reposition themselves and have prepared for an end to the measures are well prepared for the coming period.

From DJ equipment to lighting technology

Elcotec GmbH is one of the leading suppliers in the field of DJ equipment, LED technology, lighting and sound technology. An important sales channel is the online presence. The company can look back on more than 15 years of experience and sees itself not only as a dealer, but above all as a service provider. Comprehensive advice is part of the service for the company, customer satisfaction is a top priority. The goal of Elcotec GmbH From the very beginning was to elcotec-electronic.de offering state – of-the-art products at fair prices at all times-an ambitious goal but success speaks for itself.

High – quality lighting and sound technology from renowned manufacturers such as Showtec, DAP Audio, Flash, Eurolite or GLP is just as much part of the Elcotec GmbH range as trendy LED technology, PAR spotlights, fog machines or a large range of DMX controls, cases, racks, instruments and mixing consoles as well as extensive accessories. The company has not left the past few months unused, but has made itself fit for the upcoming challenges and improved numerous business processes. Especially the online trade has been optimized and reorganized in this regard.

Expert eCommerce consulting by eBakery

Elcotec GmbH received consulting support in planning, conception and implementation from the agency eBakery. Among other things, the consulting project also dealt with the topic of IT security and how, for example, the risk of hacker attacks can be minimized. In particular, the areas of digital transformation, eCommerce strategy, shop system and online marketing were in focus.

When designing an eCommerce concept, numerous aspects must be taken into account and the strategy must be oriented to individual goals and needs. Today, a functional webshop and a good Google ranking are no longer enough to remain competitive in the long term. For this reason, eBakery is an agency that can provide holistic advice.

Elcotec Managing Director Marc Farwick:
“We deliberately chose eBakery because this service provider has a lot of practical experience. Together with the agency’s experts, we were able to develop exciting concepts and are more than satisfied with the consulting services provided.”

Holistic eCommerce for sustainable success

eBakery can now look back on more than 10 years of experience in eCommerce and has helped countless companies from a wide variety of industries to develop a sustainable eCommerce concept.

Unlike other agencies, eBakery takes a holistic approach to eCommerce consulting. Here, the focus is not on a sub-area, but on all relevant aspects that affect eCommerce. Here, for example, you are familiar with the various shop systems or topics such as Amazon SEO or social media optimization. Thus, it can be ensured that all individual aspects are optimally intertwined and complement each other. Thanks to the comprehensive advice and support provided by eBakery, Elcotec GmbH was able to implement efficient measures and adapt the overall strategy to future developments and upcoming challenges.

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