Embed Qualys VMDR in deepwatchs Advanced Managed Vulnerability Services

Einbettung von Qualys VMDR in deepwatchs Advanced Managed Vulnerability Services


The partnership enables deepwatch to consolidate on the Qualys Cloud Platform,

Qualys, Inc. (NASDAQ: QLYS), a pioneer and leader in breakthrough cloud-based IT, security and compliance solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with deepwatch, a recognized leader in managed security services and vulnerability management. Qualys will support deepwatch Managed Vulnerability Services by integrating VMDR (Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response), policy compliance and Web application Scanning (WAS) into the service.

Deepwatch customers now have access to critical Qualys apps as part of a holistic solution to meet their visibility and vulnerability management needs in their global hybrid IT environment. The vulnerability data from VMDR is correlated with deepwatch’s Cloud SecOps platform to provide additional information to further prioritize vulnerabilities and risks.

Qualys ‘ compact cloud agents are embedded and fully integrated into the deepwatch Managed Vulnerability Service. This enables deepwatch and its customers to standardize on one agent to deliver asset discovery and inventory, vulnerability assessment including configuration controls, threat prioritization, and patch identification. In addition, customers have one-click access to additional Qualys solutions such as file integrity monitoring, patch management and
Multi-Vector EDR .

“deepwatch is proud to partner with Qualys to deliver world-class cloud-based vulnerability management services to customers,” says Charlie Thomas, CEO at deepwatch. “By integrating the Qualys vulnerability management solution with the deepwatch Cloud SecOps platform and our 24/7 security experts, our customers can build a vulnerability management program that significantly increases overall security.“

“The fact that deepwatch, an innovative leader in managed security, has chosen Qualys as the basis for its managed vulnerability service proves the strength of our cloud platform and VMDR solution,” says Sumedh Thakar, President and CEO of Qualys. “The Qualys Cloud Agent enables the deepwatch Cloud SecOps Platform to consolidate and standardize a compact agent to deliver contextual telemetry. The customer is enabled to reduce the effort and easily deploy additional Qualys security solutions if required.“

About Qualys VMDR

Qualy’s VMDR is built from the ground up to seamlessly merge discovery, analysis, discovery, and response into a single cloud-based app. VMDR leverages Qualys Threat Detection with its real-time threat intelligence and machine learning to control, respond to, and effectively prevent evolving threats. VMDR is a purely cloud-based solution that simplifies deployment, and pricing is unique because it is asset-based

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