Embedded Systems Engineering in the dual course of study

The Internet of things the departments of electrical engineering and computer science further and further merge. The new course “Embedded Systems” at the faculty of engineering of the University of cooperative education Stuttgart sets from the autumn of 2021 at the interface.


Embedded systems have Long been a product of a formative element in the training company, the so-called Dual outstaffing partners of the DHBW Stuttgart. Consequently, the teaching plan was drawn up for the new course “Embedded Systems” together with these partners.

Knowledge of hardware development and software engineering are taught as well as knowledge in the programming of Algorithms. The development of the embedded systems also requires the use of electro-technical information and technical knowledge, which are enshrined in the study plan.

With a view of the Systems Engineering should be in the new course, always the System in the center. Through the interdisciplinary and project-oriented teaching concept, the students are able to make from the beginning, the development of embedded systems, then in the course of study is becoming more and more complex.

In addition to the engineering and scientific principles to the study to pick up on Trends. Currently, the DHBW Stuttgart puts a focus on real-time applications such as Autonomous systems and related requirements for safety – both in the sense of “Safety”. Team work and the development of Social Skills also play an important role.

The course is intended to prepare the students in all possible facets of the development of embedded systems, the later professional may encounter in life: the Drawing of micro-electronic and micro-mechanical components on the cooperation of software-based components and their Integration with the Hardware to the system optimization in terms of speed, cost and energy efficiency with maximum safety and reliability.

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