Employee retention: motivation at a distance

Employee retention: motivation at a distance

Video conferencing does not replace personal contact. This allows companies to retain employees and resellers. […]

More and more people have been working from home for over a year now. While only four percent of full-time employees were employed three years ago, the share of those currently working in the home office has risen tenfold to 40 percent. For the next three years, companies expect that on average one in three full-time employees (34 percent) will work in the home office. This is shown, among other things, by the study “Flexible Work and Rewards Survey” by Willis Towers Watson.

On the one hand, this is beneficial for companies – after all, they save energy costs, and in some cases they have already reduced the size of office space. In addition, you ensure more safety for your employees. On the other hand, however, it is difficult to continue to motivate employees after a year of home office. Spontaneous conversations in the coffee kitchen or in the hallway are not possible-and the risk is growing that managing directors and executives lose contact with their team, despite regular video conferences. So new ideas are needed to motivate employees in the home office-and of course to maintain the important team spirit.

New, creative approaches

Mathias Pasquay, Managing Director Pascom (c) Pascom

There are numerous examples from the ICT industry of how this can be achieved. The manufacturer Pascom, for example, launched the “Get fit Challenge” at the beginning of the year. The goal is to give employees the opportunity to network, challenge and motivate each other by getting fit and working towards a common goal: reaching 20,000 points. It doesn’t matter if you want to run, hike, cycle or even snowshoe. As long as you track and post your activities with the Pascom Club on Strava, you will earn points not only for yourself, but also for the whole team, while receiving motivation in the form of “kudos” and comments. In the end, there are bonuses for the team – and the manufacturer donates to charitable causes. The first stage goal was reached much earlier than planned, now the next stage begins with further goals. “We have just started, we will continue to support our community,” explains Pascom CEO Mathias Pasquay.

Other companies include delivery services in their motivation programs. Instead of eating comfortably in a restaurant or ordering a pizza after a meeting, you distribute vouchers from Lieferando and Co.to your employees so that they can still eat together after a virtual meeting, albeit on the screen. Or they send care packages with different foods, some also invite you to virtual wine tastings or provide an equally virtual evening program. The goal is always to strengthen the team spirit and to pay attention to the employees in the home office.

Incidentally, this also applies to partner and customer loyalty. Almost all partner days took place virtually last year-initially mostly as a pure web conference or trade fair. In the meantime, however, this has changed significantly and the manufacturers and distributors also include evening programs. There, magicians or comedians perform, which bring the event to a close. What used to be discussed in the evening with a glass of wine or beer at the bar is now taking place online – and many hosts provide the necessary care packages, such as Swyx and Voiceworks or ASVG at their partner days. Beyond the company boundaries, Cisco Germany has once again launched the charity challenge “Cisco bewegt” (Cisco moves).

“Cisco moves” to motivate employees, partners and customers to play sports together (c) Cisco

For a good cause

Cisco employees, partners and customers have until June 11 to cover 384,400 kilometers through any kind of sport-the distance from the Earth to the moon. The manufacturer wants to attract around 4,000 participants to the campaign – of course, there is also a platform for the exchange of athletes and even a motivation coach. Cisco connects the action with a request for donations, but this is voluntary and the amount is left to the participants. The funds will then flow into the” Cisco Bewegt Fund”, which will support children and young people – and also ensure more equal opportunities in education. The goal is to collect the sum of $ 128,000. Certainly, this action is also effective for the audience, but also the sharing of successes within the group ensures more team feeling among the participants.

All these actions certainly do not replace on-site events, the coffee kitchen or the hall radio. But they make a nice change in the home office.

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