Endian Switchboard 6.2: IoT platform enables compliance with compliance guidelines

Endian Switchboard 6.2: IoT-Plattform ermöglicht Einhaltung von Compliance-Richtlinien

Endian presents the Switchboard 6.2

The Endian Secure Digital Platform offers highly secure networking, protection against cyber attacks and central management of rights and authorizations.
The switchboard, the central management tool of the platform, now has a new important function: the messaging center makes it easy to send information to the networked users. At the same time, consent to compliance guidelines can be obtained. Data processing in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is therefore easy to implement.

“The switchboard brings the different systems together in one company, because it can be integrated into any environment via API. This means that users do not have to get used to a new user interface, but can easily continue working with the systems they know,” says Endian CEO Raphael Vallazza. “The new messaging center makes it easy to communicate information to users, such as the time window in which maintenance is to take place.“

The Endian Secure Digital Platform is used to securely network machines and collect data. This data can then serve, for example, as a basis for predictive maintenance. If the machines are with a customer, the customer must be informed about the collection and use of the data according to the GDPR and agree to it. Thanks to the new messaging center, it is very easy to obtain the necessary approvals. A notification is displayed and access to the switchboard is prevented until the user has agreed to the compliance guidelines.

Improved firewall functions

In addition to the messaging center, the functions of the integrated firewall have also been optimized. Extensive changes to the entire firewall architecture have made it much easier to create and change access rules. In addition, administrators can use the new firewall functions to create and manage network objects.

In addition, the data traffic can be filtered by geographical location. Access from certain countries can either be blocked or activated via this. In order to improve their IT security, companies can use this function to specify, for example, that access may only be granted from countries in which customer relationships or branches exist.

“IT security and user-friendliness are two aspects that are interdependent and complement each other,” says Endian CEO Raphael Vallazza. “From this point of view, we are constantly optimizing our Enidan Secure Digital Platform in order to make digitization simple and secure at the same time.“

About Endian

Endian is a leading security manufacturer in the field of Industry 4.0. The company’s declared goal is to set technological standards in the market for highly secure data communication. The company, based in Bolzano, South Tyrol, was founded in 2003 by CEO Raphael Vallazza and a team of experienced network specialists and security experts.
The product range ranges from security solutions for SMBs, hotspot management to solutions for industrial production plants. In addition to the enterprise products, Endian offers a freely usable community edition, which is now one of the most popular open source UTMs with 2.2 million downloads.

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