ERP forms the basis for future topics of digitalization

ERP forms the basis for future topics of digitalization


More than 100 ERP users, decision makers and solution providers from the DACH region as well as Italy learned about trends and innovations in the field of enterprise software landscapes in connection with artificial intelligence, IoT and data analysis at the ERP Future 2021 conference on 18 May 2021. It became clear that ERP systems are increasingly becoming the hub of the digitalization of companies. […]

The ERP Future conference was founded twelve years ago by the Institute for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism at the University of Innsbruck in cooperation with Christoph Weiss as an independent platform for users and decision-makers. The event partner was the software competence center Hagenberg, which with its opening keynote entitled “Applying AI in Practice” devoted itself to the challenges and experiences in the field of artificial intelligence (one of the focal points of this year’s conference) and also addressed the exciting question of when AI is allowed to decide for itself and when it is better to let people decide from experience and with the inclusion of other factors. In addition, it is often a matter of a legal and ethical approach.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems support companies and organizations in structuring business processes and enable their efficient implementation. In twelve exciting lectures at ERP Future numerous new aspects in the ERP environment were discussed, but also classic topics, such as the importance of selection decisions for ERP systems, were taken up. The integration of ERP in combination with Outlook was discussed as well as innovative cloud solutions or the use of artificial intelligence for lead generation in sales. It was pointed out that software quality criteria continue to be of essential importance, especially with regard to the new technologies around enterprise systems, and are becoming even more important with regard to the large amount of data, data security and data protection.

Best-of-breed solutions preferred

The trend in the ERP sector is in the direction of” best-of-breed”, in which companies integrate the appropriate software support-based on modules and combinations of different manufacturers – into their existing infrastructure for individual corporate purposes. This was also demonstrated by an online survey among participants who preferred an ERP core system with connected best-of-breed solutions over holistic ERP systems.

In the course of the conference, it was confirmed once again that ERP systems are quite versatile information systems that reinvent themselves time and again by taking up the latest technological outstaffing developments. “ERP systems are increasingly becoming the hub of the digital transformation of companies,” says Kurt Promberger, University of Innsbruck. Christoph Weiss, Managing Director of SIS Consulting, adds: “The basis for big data, process mining and artificial intelligence is data that often comes from the ERP system. It is therefore essential that ERP systems are operated. They are the Basis of digitalization.“

The exhibitors of ERP Future 2021, Actindo AG, Asseco Solutions GmbH, ams.erp Solutions GmbH, IFS Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG, Informatics Holding GmbH, Kreuzbauer IT GmbH, NAVAX Consulting GmbH, proALPHA Software Austria GmbH, PSI Automotive & amp; Industry Austria GmbH, schrempp edv GmbH and SIS Consulting GmbH, once again presented interesting solutions and further developments in the ERP field.

The next ERP Future business will take place on 21 September 2021 together with FH Vorarlberg, Dornbirn.

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