EUMATCHING for targeted recruitment of young IT specialists

The shortage of IT specialists continues to increase, despite or because of Corona.
The RED – WHITE – RED CARD, including for IT specialists from third countries, cannot reduce the demand in Austria. Too little attention is paid to the EU INTERNAL MARKET as an EU LABOUR MARKET and EU EDUCATION AREA. […]

According to a study by the Industrie Wissenschaftliche Institut / IWI from 2020, the shortage of IT specialists in Austria is around 24,000 people, with strong differences from state to state. If there are 7,200 IT specialists missing in Upper Austria, there are, for example, 6,000 in Vienna, 4,400 in Styria, 1,600 in Burgenland and 2,600 in Vorarlberg, although 30% of the vacancies in this federal state cannot be filled at the same time. (Sources: Study of the Industrial Scientific Institute/IWI, 2020 and THE STANDARD of 6.4.2021)

Neither the demographics nor the national education system in Austria allow the hope that this problem could be solved in the near future, regionally or nationally. Even the classic recruitment strategies of commercial recruitment, from which EUMATCHING is fundamentally different, and the new recruitment tools on the Internet cannot even begin to reduce the demand for IT SPECIALISTS.

The attractiveness for IT junior staff from third countries to work in Austria outside the EU is low to non–existent due to the overly regulated immigration rules in Austria, high tax rates and demanding requirements for German language skills instead of English.

At the same time, the competition between nations by globally active IT service providers with a growing demand for young IT professionals, with interesting living and tax conditions and all this in English, is constantly increasing worldwide and thus further reduces the attractiveness of Austria as a promising place to work.

Access to junior IT staff from poor EU regions of the EU internal market as an EU labour market and EU education area

EUMATCHING is a strategy for the direct connection of the respective vocational educational institution from a structurally weak EU region with young IT junior staff at the end of the IT training and IT companies with a shortage of IT junior staff from structurally strong EU regions.

More or less ignored by the public, structurally weak EU regions are characterized by a relatively high proportion of young people, but lack of professional and financial prospects due to lack of jobs, with a resulting significant and segmented poverty rate in the structurally weak EU region, this also applies to Romania.

EUMATCHING is a strategy against the shortage of skilled workers for IT activities. EUMATCHING is an innovative MATCHING STRATEGY developed by EUCONTACT in recent years across borders in the EU internal market, as an EU labour market and EU education area to combat youth unemployment in poor EU regions, such as in Romania and the demographic–related shortage of young talent and skilled workers in wealthy EU regions such as Austria.


  • Unbureaucratic and plannable (no work permit, no visa, no recognition of professional qualification)
  • Selection from a year group of 10 to 15 EUMATCHING participants
  • Possibility of getting to know the training skills through EUMATCHING application seminars
  • Sustainable, as participation in EUMATCHING gives access to the future years of the respective partner vocational school


The recruitment and immigration of young European IT specialists via EUCONTACT and its educational, professional, usually state partner structures from structurally weak EU regions in Romania can be realized annually with EUMATCHING.

This is done unbureaucratically, cost-effectively and temporally both in the short and medium term, usually through two-year training cooperations with annual IT young talent potentials that can be planned for the respective IT company for the further development of IT young talent into IT specialists in the respective IT company.

Part of EUMATCHING are extensive consulting and service options (WORDSTORM and ONBOARDING) for the IT companies involved in EUMATCHING projects to sustainably retain the young IT staff after completing their training and starting work in Austria.

Thanks to the European Union with the EU internal market and the EU freedom of movement, EUMATCHING eliminates the considerable bureaucratic, financial and time expenditure for obtaining a visa and residence permit, as is necessary for young potential IT junior staff from third countries outside the EU.

Short profile EUCONTACT

EUCONTACT is a non-commercial social and educational company based in Cork/Ireland and with various project locations in Europe. EUCONTACT develops and coordinates EU projects in the EU internal market for companies and public institutions from structurally strong EU regions, together with initial vocational training institutions from structurally weak EU regions, to promote vocational mobility in initial training and promote the employability of young people from poor regions in the EU internal market from various occupational fields.

If you want to know more, please register quickly for participation in an EUMATCHING information event in July 2022 by e-mail with the subject EUMATCHING on

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