European Commission Study: The Impact of Open source

A comprehensive study commissioned by the EU Commission shows a significant impact of open source on the competitiveness of European companies, economic growth, the start-up / SME scene and technological independence. […]

The EU Commission therefore recommends that its member states promote open source at all levels. From education to research, the public sector to economic policy. The study also shows that Germany occupies one of the lowest places in open source funding and use compared to other European and non-European countries.

The study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research and OpenForum Europe was commissioned by the Directorate-General CNECT of the European Commission and for the first time comprehensively examines the economic impact of open source software and hardware in Europe. The associated strategies and procedures were examined using econometric analyses, case studies, literature evaluations and surveys among more than 900 companies and developers. Furthermore, the effectiveness of government action with regard to open source (OS) is examined. The study also uses the findings to formulate concrete policy recommendations to the EU member States.

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