Experts have called the worst effects of coronavirus

Photo: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

British and American experts have called the worst health effects recover from coronavirus infection COVID-19. On it informs “the”.

As writes the edition, ill by the coronavirus after recovery for several months, prone to inflammation of the heart muscle, kidney damage and problems with urination and pain in the testicles. In addition, undergoing COVID-19 sometimes not able to focus and may feel “foggy”.

Specialists also say that some ill COVID-19 suffer seizures, strokes and seizures. Many former patients also complain of the inability to establish a normal rhythm of life and return to outstaffing work.

Previously, doctors predicted the timing of the decline of the pandemic COVID-19 in Russia. In particular, Professor in the Department of Virology of Institute behalf Belozersky MSU Alexey Agranovsky asked the citizens not to wait for a sharp reduction in the number of new cases of coronavirus.

In recent days in Russia 24 confirmed 246 new cases COVID-19. 2 of them were 864 cases had no clinical manifestations of the disease.

In Moscow confirmed 4 842 new cases of coronavirus in the Moscow region – 1 131.

In Moscow revealed 4 842 new cases of coronavirus

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