Federal pursued no further measures for E-sports-charity

The Position is fixed hazards: Although the coalition agreement stated, the Federal no further steps in the direction of the promotion of E-Sports. Now, the Ministry has granted the digital sports even a cancellation of The non-profit status for E-sports clubs leave already about youth and education.

In this legislative period, the Federal government will make no further measures for the promotion of E-Sports. It seems from the response to a written request to the Ministry of the interior of Monika Lazar, sport policy spokesperson of the Greens. In the process, the Union and the SPD were in the coalition agreement https://beta.gamesmarkt.de/details/426625 in agreement, “E-sports in the future, completely as a separate sports with the club and Association law, you acknowledge and in the creation of an Olympic perspective support”.

Of the Ministry in the two years to listen to later, but slightly different: E-sports could be “already well under existing law, a non-profit,” it says. “The clubs to use on a regular basis for the charitable purposes of the promotion of youth welfare and support of education.”

Martin Müller, Vice-President of the ESBD and Department head of sport, anger the words of the Union: “the proposals of The Federal government to reach the interior Ministry, the non-profit status for E-sports clubs, youth assistance or education in the official practice demonstrably useless. Almost every E-sports club will be denied the benefit to the public through these routes. These solutions are, unfortunately, mostly far from the lived reality.”

As “extremely disappointing” see also Lazar opinion, and even goes one step further: “the fact That the Federal government sports plans in spite of the bold pledge in the coalition agreement in terms of E-no further action, bordering on refusal to work.” With a “simple change in the law in the tax code” could be used to support volunteering (outsourcing work)  at the base.

“The full promise of the coalition agreement, not deeds, is a serious omission for the sustainable development of the E-sports and Gaming-location Germany”, also regrets ESBD-President Daniel Luther.

The question of whether E-sports count as a Sport, the Union is no longer the need to decide the German Olympic sports Confederation (DOSB), since the Sport is not independent. In particular, the DOSB is hard but with the recognition of E-Sports. He divided the digital sports strictly according to sports simulations such as “FIFA” and other competitive games such as “League of Legends” or “Counter Strike”.

“The dilution and splitting of E-Sports in the promotion of decent sports simulations on the one hand, and is not eligible games on the other hand, as the DOSB suggests, is for the ESBD unacceptable and far from the self-understanding of the E-sports industry. To refer to the autonomy of sport, is both the wood and the escape of the Federal government, the athlete does not seem to be a few exceptions for the many millions of E-care of the interior,” says Luther, clearly, also appeals to the Federal government that the connection to other countries is not lost.

Also, game Director Felix Falk reports the decision to the word: “With the current statement of the interior Ministry, the Federal government seems to want her promise of the coalition agreement for a non-profit for E-sports clubs break. This is for all E-sports Fans disappointing and torpedoed the great commitment of the many volunteers in the Clubs. Regardless of the question of whether or not E-sports should be recognised as a Sport, can be realized the benefit to the public and is crucial to lift the great social opportunities of E-sports.”

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