Five solutions for the transition of business in Russia to domestic software

Five solutions for the transition of business in Russia to domestic software

Software is the most ready for import substitution technological direction in Russia.

ABBYY, Kaspersky Lab and Softline companies do not need a separate representation not only in our country, but also abroad.

Domestic software is trusted by both small and large businesses, whose errors and failures in the system can cost tens of millions of rubles. But which companies will import foreign software?

Alexey Borisov

Alexey Borisov

Director of Acceleration of Fuel and Energy complex and industry “Skolkovo”


The company is developing an intelligent system based on neural networks and machine learning, which allows digitizing complex documents for financial organizations, accounting and HR departments. Its products are able to recognize handwritten text in different languages, drawings and generate datasets. The Agency for Strategic Initiatives has included the Beorg Smart Vision cloud platform among the best IT solutions for replication in all regions of the Russian Federation.

BIORG’s portfolio already includes more than 100 projects for the state, Russian and international companies, including X5 Retail Group, Sportmaster, IKEA, Tele2, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, Otkritie Bank, BCS Broker, Moscow Exchange, Rosatom, Rosneft and others. This confirms that the system scales easily and is capable of processing large amounts of data.

The Beorg Smart Vision system is constantly learning — the SaaS platform combines the advantages of artificial intelligence and a large-scale network of 50 thousand data verification operators.


The company is developing a cloud platform that helps automate the collection of accounts receivable — a very popular service during the current crisis.

The YURROBOT product works on the basis of artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks. He is able to automatically process legal documents, form a complete package for working with debtors and send them to court online using an electronic digital signature (EDS). The platform includes the functions of automatic robotic calling, calculation of penalties, state duty, determination of jurisdiction, court details and formation of electronic document flow of claim and claim activities.

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YURROBOT frees lawyers of organizations, magistrates and bailiffs from routine operations and has already helped to return more than 300 million rubles, having processed over a million debtors.


The company develops solutions in the field of information security for automated process control systems. They allow you to effectively protect the infrastructure from external intrusions and block intruders in time.

For example, the ARKAN software package is the first in Received a certificate from the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia for compliance with the document “Firewall protection profile type D of the fourth protection class. IT.ME.D4.PZ”. Such a system allows to fully comply with the requirements of Federal Law No. 187 “On the security of critical Information Infrastructure” dated 26.07.2017.

The reliability of the company’s solutions is confirmed by more than 20 information protection projects in the interests of Russian Railways, Rosneft, Rostec, fuel and energy sector organizations, the extractive industry and others.


The company develops software for design automation of electronic equipment. For example, its Delta Design system helps to implement an end—to-end design cycle of printed circuit boards – from working with the component base to design and production documentation, taking into account the specifics of the requirements of Russian electronics developers. The solution was originally created for the Russian market, therefore it supports all domestic GOST standards.

Delta Design also allows you to automate the development of circuits of electrical circuit boards, provide centralized maintenance of library databases, evaluate the functioning of the circuit itself.

To date, the company’s official clients are more than 150 companies and individuals. Among them are LLC “Inferum”, CJSC “NPF “DOLOMANT”, Maple Dot Inc and other organizations.


A global provider of positioning technologies and geolocation services that provide advanced solutions for navigation inside and outside buildings with more than 1,000 locations worldwide.

The company helps to organize navigation and accurate positioning inside and outside the premises, collects analytics of the movements of staff and visitors, which is important, for example, when planning and modernizing shopping and entertainment centers. With the help of the Navigine Marketing tool, you can instantly interact with customers through a mobile application through push notifications.

Navigine annually enters international reports as a key vendor in the LBS (location based services) market, and among the users of the solution are Russian Railways, RIO shopping center, Huawei, Mercedes-Benz, Kunstkamera and other companies.

One line

You can cite many more Russian developer companies Software whose solutions are used in different sectors of the economy. Here are some of them:

  • in industrial construction LementPro and Sodis Lab solutions were used in the projects of the Lakhta Center, Berezovskaya GRES and Fisht Stadium in Sochi
  • in mechanical engineering intelligent enterprise resource management systems in real time “Genesis of Knowledge” are used by RSC Energia, Aviagregat, Kuznetsov, Tyazhmash, Irkut, NIIAS (Russian Railways), etc.
  • in logistics and transport The Logosoft TMS system is used by Sberbank Logistics and Taft, and automatic VeeRoute transport routing is used by EMS Russian post, M-Video, etc.
  • in office processes The system of remote organization of legitimate decision—making by BoardMaps managers is used by T+, UAC, GAZ, LUKOIL, and the StarExam personnel testing and evaluation system is used by Sber, Beeline and Yandex.

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