Five Tips against Meeting Frustration

Five Tips against Meeting Frustration

Those who invite to the meeting rarely reap enthusiasm. However, if everything is well thought out and prepared, the meeting can be surprisingly pleasant and fruitful for the participants. An important prerequisite is the consistent prevention of wasted time. […]

There is no way around it: some topics have to be discussed in the company in a larger round. Unfortunately, many groan at the mere thought of it. Reluctance decreases when meetings do not last longer than necessary, bring noticeable results and are well organized. Five things should pay attention to who is drumming for the meeting.

Prepare a clear agenda with brief explanations of the individual points. Send these together with any required materials (reports, slides) to your colleagues at an early stage. This not only testifies to good style, but also increases the chances that your meeting will have a result and will not end in a protracted and hopeless debate.

Go to the meeting room at an early stage and check whether, for example, the technology is working, which is often not the case. During the meeting, you should closely follow the agenda and pay attention to the time. Instead, let things take their course, because a colleague really wants to tell you other things on the day, it could happen to you that the meeting will end up being judged as a waste of time with no result and all your preparation was in vain.

A good leader is distinguished by his personality not by his authority. Therefore, you should not simply unwind your agenda during the meeting, but make sure that the participants communicate with each other. This also includes encouraging colleagues to explain their own ideas and suggestions in more detail about a discussion point. This helps to prevent participants from simply nodding off the topics instead of supporting decisions and living Even if you are the boss, you should not forget to listen once. You should also maintain a polite and friendly relationship.

If someone wanders off in the round, you have to remind them of the actual topic again. However, you should not condemn him to silence in front of the assembled team, but rather slow him down in a friendly but determined way by wording such as “Thank you for the hint, but let’s continue with the agenda now”. If there is even a dispute in the air, you should make every effort to ensure that it is again exclusively about factual issues, that is: you must make it clear to the said persons that at this moment only today’s topic and the occasion of the meeting are of interest.

As punctually as the meeting started, it should also end. Keep an eye on the clock and reserve some time for a short summary. This is important so that it is clear to all parties what has been discussed and agreed. The last thing you want is emails after the meeting, in which your colleagues would like to get the content and occasion of the meeting explained again.

*Sascha Alexander has been working for many years as an editor, specialist author, press spokesman and expert for content strategies in the market for business intelligence, big data and advanced analytics. Stations included the market research and consulting company BARC, the “Computer Week” and the portal and magazine for CFOWORLD CFOs founded by him. His main topics are: Business Intelligence, data warehousing, data management, big Data, advanced Analytics and BI Organization.

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