Forecast: Chip shortage hits smartphone manufacturers

Forecast: Chip shortage hits smartphone manufacturers

Counterpoint analysts expect fewer smartphones to be sold than expected this year, as manufacturers are increasingly missing components. […]

Actually, market researchers had expected that the smartphone market would almost reach the pre-corona level again after the slump in 2021. But now Counterpoint analysts have lowered their global forecast for the global market: 1.4 billion devices are to be sold, which would still correspond to growth of six percent compared to 2019.

This development is not due to the reluctance of buyers, but to the scarcity of components. The analysts report that some manufacturers received only 80 percent of the ordered components in the second quarter and that the situation worsened in the third quarter. The scarcity affects all manufacturers of smartphones negatively, only Apple is slightly less affected, according to market researcher Tom Kang.

Camera modules and processors are particularly scarce. Thus, according to the analysts, the production problems at the chip suppliers could put the leading processor manufacturers Qualcomm and Mediatek in trouble, which could trigger a chain reaction for smartphone production.

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