Forrester Forecast: The Cloud Trends 2022

Forrester Forecast: The Cloud Trends 2022

The cloud is moving to the center of IT infrastructures. 2022 will be more cloud-native and industry-oriented. […]

The cloud helps companies scale their digital businesses and accelerate innovative new services. Without cloud apps, tools and services, it would not have been possible to send millions of employees to the home office within a few weeks in pandemic times, to maintain global supply chains and to convert entire business models to digital.

According to Forrester, companies will use this experience to realign their cloud strategies in 2022:

  1. Cloud-native will become the central paradigm in the cloud strategies of many companies. The use of container and serverless technologies has increased significantly in the past two years, paving the way for cloud-native.
  2. Cloud-native platforms will help developers to automatically scale their workloads globally. Currently, you would still have to worry about where in the world you deploy workloads and how much infrastructure you need to do it. This effort should be reduced.
  3. The time of general-purpose clouds is coming to an end. The future belongs to the Industry clouds. All major cloud service providers will develop and offer industry-specific forms of their infrastructures.
  4. Geopolitical tensions and stricter regulations the hyperscalers pose major challenges for national authorities. The cloud providers will therefore increasingly develop localization plans in order to be able to segment data storage better, for example.

*Martin Bayer: Special field of business software: Business Intelligence, Big Data, CRM, ECM and ERP; support of news and title sections in the print edition of COMPUTERWOCHE.

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