“Fortnite”-the dispute: Epic Games pulls against Apple in front of the EU Commission


The last word in the dispute between Epic Games and the Apple is not yet spoken. Now Epic has filed in Brussels for a complaint because of competition violations of the iPhone group.


The dispute between the “Fortnite”developer Epic Games and Apple over the use of the App store goes on and is now being fought in Europe. According to information from the developer, Epic filed in Brussels at the EU Commission, an antitrust complaint because of competition infringements of Apple. He accuses the iPhone maker, its control over the App Store to be anti-competitive to exploit and hurt developers.

The complaint with the EU against Apple complemented thus, according to the company, including those in the USA, the UK, and Australia. “Here is the future of mobile platforms in the game,” said Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, the calls for a “fair market”. Outsourcing developers should be able to compete fairly. “We will not stand by and watch, and Apple allow its dominance play.” The complaint in Europe is part of a large-scale project, the company referred to internally as “Project Liberty”. Other Apple-opponents such as Spotify and Tinder ally in this regard, in a dispute with Epic.

In the case of a dispute, it comes to the levy in the amount of 30 percent, the need to pay an App developer at Apple and Google, if you want to be in the App Store or Google Play Store presence. In addition, Apple does on its mobile devices Downloads from the App Store. As a payment method, the company writes its own System, Apple Pay. The dispute between Apple and Google – and Epic Games has escalated in the summer of last year, as the Epic in the latest “Fortnite”-the game version is an alternative payment option integrated. Then, Apple removed the game from its App Store, and Epic launched the setback with several lawsuits against Apple-number policy.

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