Free rate using neural network

Free rate using neural network

If after ulepieniu, and then food pens kilogram in soup, wypieczeniu wuchty cakes and nacieszeniu gifts will be me some strength I know what I’m going to do in these holidays. The same, however, I recommend you! This is the course which will allow you to create first neural network in Javascript!

Why neural networks?

Machine learning is gaining popularity. I already told you, however, about this, by the way, 10 reasons to learn Python. Over the last few years, machine learning (because that name even to Polish the Internet, most often seen), has become a technology, which aloud. What kind of academic stuff in the tool that accompanies us everywhere. Based on machine learning social media know what to offer us, Spotify picks playlist and on Friday night Netflix offers a series, which, of course, we like it. Many of the students is based on neural networks. Therefore, if you are interested in the topic of machine learning, sooner or later, you will learn a neural network.

The course neural networks

the course neural networks

🎁 Free neural network course 🎁

The author is Robert Plummer, which merged video course introduces Brain.js – the JavaScript library for building neural networks. The material we have first hand because Robert is both lead developer Brain.js. For 19 lessons, introduces a minimum framework for understanding machine learning, and then to interesting, sometimes funny examples show how neural networks operate.

The course includes several basic and practical team projects, such as, for example:

  • price Outlook
  • image recognition
  • to write a simple book for children
  • the mood analysis

The course is designed to introduce the basics needed for writing your own projects. Consists of theory + example code. Promises to be good because my favorite form – i.e. the course is interactive. You do not need to start preparing million things on the needs of the environment. Just sit down, fires a lesson, and I can with a piece of carrot in one hand, grzańcem to another to learn something new 😉

Here it is the course of neural networks 🎁

If you are interested in history, how did the library Brain.js it, check the podcast from the Modern Web, which circles around the topics of machine learning methods, neural networks and neurotechu: Neurotech and Machine Learning in JavaScript.

Psssyytt… Merry Christmas!

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