Gartner Analysis: Top 5 Cloud Offerings

Gartner Analysis: Top 5 Cloud Offerings


The global market for cloud computing grew by a whopping 40.7 percent in 2020. This is calculated by the consulting company Gartner. Although AWS remains the largest provider, two Chinese are shaking up the top 5 list. […]

With infrastructure services from the data cloud, 64.3 billion dollars were implemented worldwide in 2020. This is an increase of 40.7 percent compared to 2019 when $ 45.7 billion was still generated with cloud computing. This is the conclusion of the latest analysis by the market research institute Gartner.

The five largest public cloud providers were also identified in this context. Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains by far at the top with a market share of 40.8 percent, followed by Microsoft with 19.7 percent.

Already in third place is one of the two Chinese providers that storm the top 5 list of Gartner. Specifically, Alibaba is ahead of Google with 9.5 percent of the global cloud market, which comes to 6.1 percent. Number 5 is Huawei with a market share of 4,2 percent.

Sid Nag, the analyst at Gartner, explains the strong growth by, among other things, continuing to build distributed cloud and edge solutions that extend the reach of the public cloud to private clouds and their own data centers. There, providers are apparently increasingly managing to meet the requirements of companies in terms of data sovereignty and low network latency. Another reason, according to Nag, is the increased dependence on public cloud services during the pandemic.

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