Gefa Bank migrates to the Azure cloud

Gefa Bank migrates to the Azure cloud

With the support of DXC Technology, Gefa Bank is moving applications to the Azure cloud. […]

Gefa Bank describes its latest initiative as a “pioneering cloud migration and transformation project”. The Société Générale subsidiary wants to migrate “essential applications and data” to Microsoft’s Azure cloud. For the project called G-Rocket, the bank is getting external support.

On the one hand, the service provider DXC Technology has developed an end-to-end operating model based on the bank’s own cloud compliance and security framework. On the other hand, the customer and the IT service provider have developed an upskilling program for selected experts of the bank together with Microsoft. The cooperation with DXC is scheduled to run until October 2027.

Gefa Bank CIO Michael Quint wants to provide the majority of applications based on cloud-native services such as Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). He plans to complete the full data center migration by September 2022. The goal is to shorten the time-to-market and to create a modern development environment for new financial products.

Gefa Bank sees itself as a financing partner for German SMEs. “The ‘G-Rocket program’ and the cloud migration of business-critical applications are a particular challenge,” says Quint. For DXC as a partner, positive experiences from previous long-term cooperation would have spoken.

Gefa Bank, headquartered in Wuppertal, is part of the international Société Générale and offers sales and investment financing of mobile assets. Specifically, it is about leasing, credit, hire purchase as well as purchase and rental park financing for medium-sized companies. In addition, the bank offers daily and fixed-term deposit products for private and business customers.

*Christiane Pütter is a journalist from Munich. She writes about IT, business and science. In addition to CIO and Computerwoche, her clients include several corporate publishing magazines, especially in the field of banking/insurance.

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