Gen Z and Gen Y trust especially friends and family

Gen Z and Gen Y trust especially friends and family

According to a recent study, friends and family, not influencers, are the decisive driving forces for the young target group when it comes to recommending products and services – especially in the field of beverages and food. […]

When searching for information about products and services, the target groups of Generation Z (61 percent) and Generation Y (63 percent) primarily value recommendations from friends and family. This is shown in the current “Gen Z & Gen Y Industry Snapshot” by mScience on behalf of OneFootball.

The majority (55 percent) of 17- to 25-year-olds also rely on online videos, while 26- to 38-year-olds are particularly influenced by test reports and reviews.

In comparison, however, only a few of the respondents get input on products and services from influencers: not even one in six of the younger generation and only 9 percent of Gen Y say that they are inspired by brand ambassadors.

Product interest in beverages and food

The greatest product interest in both target groups is in drinks and food (Gen Z: 65 percent, Gen Y: 63 percent), followed by streaming services (Gen Z: 64 percent, Gen Y: 56 percent), consumer electronics (Gen Z: 63 percent, Gen Y: 51 percent) and travel (Gen Z: 57 percent, Gen Y: 55 percent).

In addition, younger people are more likely to search for information on clothing/ fashion (56 percent vs. 46 percent) and cars (38 percent vs. 30 percent).When it comes to brands, older people attach more importance to the functionality of products (70 percent vs. 63 percent).

In both generations, almost every second person is willing to spend more money on certain brands and more than half trust certain brands in particular.

About a quarter express their attitudes about the consumption and use of brands and consider it generally important to own products of certain brands. Only one in seven states that they are considering the purchase of branded products advertised by influencers.

*Alessa Kästner is a graduate of the Burda Journalism School, volunteered at Playboy and wrote for titles such as ELLE, Focus as well as advertising and selling. Her core topics as an INTERNET WORLD editor: Digital lifestyle, marketing trends, sustainability and social media.

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