German play more and more Indie games

A quarter of the German game has shaft Indie Games, a YouGov poll commissioned by the game. Also the reputation of the division, rising to 41 per cent.

The Fanbase for Indie Games in Germany. According to a survey by YouGov, in cooperation with the game, 25 percent of the Game have over 16 years in Germany, even games from independent Studios purchased. In addition, 38 per cent in the previous year, the Indie been a notion, while the increase in value is now down to 41 percent.

The rise of the Indies is a little surprising, both from the side of the consumer, as well as from the side of the production. Mega-Hits like “Minecraft” or “Stardew Valley” show the strong potential of independently developed games. The cost-effective access to Engines like Unity, Unreal or CryEngine, in turn, simplifies the production, while the Internet eliminates many sales hurdles.

Felix Falk, managing Director of the game, is not surprised by the Trend: “Indie Games at players in the world a special place, for always surprise you with an innovative game idea for a special graphic style or an unusual story. The popularity is likely to be even greater, as it will show the data: Because of the players that are not familiar with the term ‘Indie Game’ maybe not, are likely to have played in the face of the great successes of the past years, many corresponding to the title. The growing popularity of Indie Games is also reflected in some of the big surprise of the last few years, ‘Minecraft’ success has started its triumph as well as an Indie Game, such as the current Phenomenon ‘Among Us’. Also from Germany, more and more developers come inside and outsourcing developer of the Indie area that convince with their Play internationally.”

Successful Indie Studios, based in Germany, for example, Rockfish Games, machine-man, Egosoft, Twin Drums or Megagon Industries.

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