Global update on Oculus Quest 2

Global update on Oculus Quest 2

Official blog Facebook announces major updates IN v23 that is associated with the implementation of some functions on the Oculus Quest 2. It includes the long-awaited increase in frame rate to 90 Hz, and a fitness tracker called Move.

Oculus Quest 2 went on sale on 13 October this year. In the announcements it was reported to support the frame rate to 90 Hz, as a full-fledged PC VR helmets. The first time the option was only available to the home menu and virtual browser, and not for games. Next came the unofficial patches, which could include 90 Hz for VR games.


October 13, 2020 all system software, including the Guardian, Home and Passthrough, default supports 90 Hz. In addition, development team can use and support in the development of 90 Hz.

Oculus Move – another innovation v23 for Oculus Quest and Quest 2. The application can run in the background to count calories burned.

How to update Quest 1 and 2

1. By pressing the right controller button Oculus need to go to settings (the gear button).

2. Next, find the section “About”.

3. Check for new version next to “software Update”.

Facebook announced the ability to gift the app or play virtual reality other, which will appear at the end of November. So you can send as a gift the content using the Oculus mobile app or browser.


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