Goal: also in the spotlight by Oculus

Meta: también en el punto de mira por Oculus

I wonder if the Meta offices they will have already created a new working group to start thinking about the next name that the company will adopt in the medium term (it would still be too soon, of course). Yes, it is true that the reason given for the change of name, from Facebook to Meta, was a declaration of intent on the importance of the metaverse in their future plans. But it is clear to many of us that, in reality, the main reason for the change is to try to disassociate the brand, as far as possible, from all the bad news starring Facebook.

However, it seems that the measure will not be particularly effective in this regard, and that is, who would have imagined it? Problems persist even if you change your name. Even worse, new problems associated with your old actions may appear. The past prevails, and now threatens to stain the new name, which has lasted very, very little time undefiled. Every day the voluntary departure of the head of public relations of the company is better understood.

And is that, as we can read in Bloomberg, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as well as several states, they are conducting an investigation into Oculus, Meta’s virtual reality division, for possible anti-competitive practices, según habrían informado al medio personas con acceso a dicha información. Information that Meta could be acting outside the law to try to consolidate its position in that market.

The first of the doubts arises by the price of Meta VR devices, substantially cheaper than those of the competition. This, by itself, would not be a problem, of course, unless to do so they are adopting techniques of unfair competition, such as dumping, which in a basic way consists of selling products or services below the cost price, assuming such losses, to gain control of the market and expel competition. In the short term, of course, it means losing a lot of money, but if it can be maintained until all competition has fallen, we will have absolute control of the market, and we can do as we please.

Goal: also in the spotlight by Oculus

In other words, we are talking about trying to ” buy ” a monopoly by driving all competition out of the market. This method, of course, is pursued by many countries, and regulators watch to prevent this from happening, as it goes directly against competition.

The other front of Meta research by Oculus has to do with its relationship with developers. And there is developers who have been reported that Meta uses his position of power to tripple him to companies that offer third-party games and services on the Oculus platform. They claim that, at the same time, the company copies the most promising ideas and makes it difficult for some applications to function properly in Meta’s virtual reality ecosystem.

The investigation is at an early stage and, at least for the time being, it’s not public. However, the problem is not only that Meta opens another front in flames, it is also that this affects very directly to their future plans with the metaverse, a concept that theoretically sounds very interesting, but in practice is still very far from being truly feasible, as other technologies such as Intel have said.

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