GoDaddy Small Business Digital Index 2021: Digitization Boost for Small Businesses

GoDaddy Small Business Digital Index 2021: Digitization Boost for Small Businesses

The website and domain provider GoDaddy published the latest results from its Small Business Digital Index, which show that almost 40 percent of German small companies were able to improve their digitization level last year. […]

Paul Ashcroft, Senior Director EMEA of GoDaddy (c) GoDaddy

Thus, the global pandemic seems to have acted as a digital accelerator for many small companies in Germany. According to the respondents of the Small Business Digital Index 2021, the most important aspects include web security (81.3 percent) and an own company website (73.8 percent). In the Europe-wide survey, a total of 5,104 people were interviewed, including 1,201 participants from Germany. The respondents work in small companies with up to 50 employees and are active in decision-making positions.

Most popular digital channel: The Company website

According to the index, 70 percent of the surveyed small companies with up to 50 employees in Germany already own a website. Another 18 percent of respondents in Germany plan to create a website for marketing purposes. “An online presence is an important channel for companies of all sizes-and many have recognized this in the past year,” said Paul Ashcroft, Senior Director EMEA at GoDaddy. “In the meantime, when local businesses had to close, small businesses had to find new ways to remain available to their customers. It’s great that so many small businesses have recognized the potential of a digital presence as a second pillar for their business.“

But in some places there is still a need for help with the digitization of your own company. After all, not everyone is able to muster the capacity to create an online presence. Those who do not yet have a website give the reason for having to focus on other challenges first (12.6 percent). Or that you do not have time to take care of the website construction (12.4 percent). “At GoDaddy, we are happy to provide our expertise and tools for anyone who needs website support. No one has to do this alone,“ says Paul Ashcroft.

Website and social media channels as the most used sales channels

The importance of having your own website is also underpinned by the results of the Small Business Digital Index 2021: of the companies that already have a website, 92,8 percent say that almost every company should have its own website. 84 Percent of respondents with a website say that it has an impact on their business success. For two thirds( 63.1 percent), it is the most used sales channel, followed by social media channels with 36.6 percent.

Despite the progress made in terms of digitization, many still want support: almost two-thirds of respondents to the Small Business Digital Index 2021 say that a challenge for their business is to establish digital solutions and expand technical know-how.

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