Google adds information about data security for Android apps in the Play Store

Check Point beurteilt Voila-App: Aus Spaß kann ernst werden

Android is now doing the same as its competitor Apple and wants to provide apps in the Play Store with privacy labels. This is to give users more awareness and control over how secure their data is at all when they download certain apps.

In the following sections, you will find out which security information app descriptions must now contain and how important data security is.

When will the new security labels for apps be available?

As you know, Apple always has its nose a little further ahead in terms of security and data protection. The data protection information for the individual apps has been available in their app store since December 2020.

In May 2021, Google finally decided to follow Apple’s example. All developers who offer their applications in the Play Store have been informed that they would have to update their app information accordingly. And now the time has come: the newly inserted sections on the privacy of an app are already displayed.

Developers who want to continue making their applications available in the Play Store now have until July 20 to adjust their app information accordingly.

What information can be found in the safety descriptions?

The new privacy labels are primarily intended to ensure one thing: that users are better informed about how app developers deal with the topic of data protection. Of course, this primarily includes which user data is collected and whether it is passed on. However, it is also important what measures providers take to ensure the safety of users. In this regard, it should be clarified, for example, whether an encrypted data transmission takes place and whether you can request the deletion of your data.

Family friendliness and child protection have also been taken into account. It also shows the extent to which the Google Play guidelines for family-friendly content are being implemented.

Are the new details mandatory?

In fact, the new information on data protection and security must be complied with as a matter of obligation.

So what happens to app developers who don’t stick to it?

Google provides very specific information about this. If the section on the new security information is not filled in or if incorrect information is even provided here, either a blocking of updates or a complete removal from the Play Store threatens.

The information must also be provided by all providers in the Play Store, regardless of whether they collect data from users or not.

With the new requirements, Google not only wants to make data protection regulations more transparent for users, but also to encourage providers to attach more importance to the protection of data.

Even outdated apps are probably getting their hands on it now, because Google wants to significantly limit their visibility in the Play Store. The idea behind this is that the security and data protection functions are often no longer up to date here.

How can I protect my privacy myself?

The efforts of Apple and Google are an important step in the right direction, but unfortunately they do not yet offer comprehensive threat protection.

So what does that mean for you?

First of all, you should make it clear to yourself how important data protection really is on the internet. Imagine that you lose control of your data and everyone who is interested in it can access it. Not a nice thought. But all the data that circulates about you on the net can in principle develop a life of its own – especially if they are not properly protected. They can be used to defame you or to steal your identity. So it may be that you, without your knowledge, also get involved in criminal machinations.

You can do this to protect your data on the net:

There are tools that help you to protect your privacy online and that you should definitely not do without.

A good virus protection should definitely not be missing when you are on the net. It blocks viruses and other malware that can be waiting for you on websites so that they no longer cause any damage. So you are also well protected from malicious programs that are after your data.

A VPN is another indispensable tool for data protection. Especially when you are on public networks. With a VPN, a kind of encrypted data tunnel is built through which all your information is sent. So they are well protected from strangers’ eyes. Your IP address will also be hidden.

No matter how great the security tools you use, if you don’t turn on your mind yourself, they won’t be able to help you much. Always remember that you handle your data sparingly on the Internet. This also applies to social networks – even if it is difficult.

If you receive e-mails from unknown senders or those that seem strange to you, then never click on integrated links and do not open attachments.

If in doubt, you should rather question everything on the Internet again. As we all know, prevention is better than follow-up.

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