Google Cloud: Second Generation of Cloud Functions

The preview of the second generation of Google’s Cloud Functions promises a wider range of functions, extended control over performance and scalability, more control over the function runtime and triggers for about 90 event sources. […]

The second-generation features, according to Google, include parallelism (for up to 1,000 concurrent requests per function instance), larger instances (up to 16 GB of memory and 4 vCPUs) and longer processing times for HTTP functions (up to 60 minutes), as well as minimum instances (prewarmed instances) to reduce cold starts and ensure that the bootstrap time of the application does not affect application performance.

Second-generation cloud functions support multiple versions of a function, share traffic between different versions, and are able to revert a function to an earlier version.

The second-generation cloud features now provide native support for Eventarc, which includes more than 90 event sources from direct sources and cloud audit logs (for example, BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Firebase et cetera). Furthermore, events from custom sources are supported by publishing them directly to Pub/Sub. These event-driven features adhere to the industry standard CloudEvents regardless of the source to ensure a consistent developer experience, Google says. For more information on Googlse’s second generation of cloud features, see this post on Google’s cloud blog.

*Bernhard Lauer is, among other things, a freelance editor of dotnetpro and manages the Basic Instinct section here, for example. He has been programming privately with Visual Basic since version 1.0.

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