Google ensures better sleep

Google ensures better sleep


The smart display Google Nest Hub 2 has recently also been available in Austria and, in addition to the usual functions, now also offers sleep analysis using radar. […]

Like its predecessor model, the new smart display as a central hub in the smart home is equipped with a seven-inch screen including a touchscreen and 1,024 x 600 pixels, but offers some new features. It comes in two color variants chalk and carbon, measures 7 x 18 x 12 centimeters, weighs 558 grams and thus fits into the existing smart home lineup of the search engine giant. Above the panel are the sensors: a thermometer, the Soli sensor and a sensor for ambient light. A camera is not integrated. In addition, the integrated Google Assistant scores with high compatibility thanks to WLAN and Bluetooth connection and controls e.g. Philips Hue lamps.

The smart photo frame consists of 54 percent recycled plastic and can now also analyze sleep in the second generation. If you are not comfortable with the idea of an analysis of your personal sleeping habits, you have the option to deactivate monitoring and use Google Nest Hub 2 exclusively for entertainment purposes. One area where the smart display has a lot to offer: Content such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music can be streamed.

The Sleep Guardian

The newly integrated sleep sensor monitors sleep and evaluates the results in the morning if necessary. Among other things, too high or too low temperatures are measured, but loud ambient noise is also detected. All this outsourcing works without camera monitoring – only by detecting movement and noise. The function for sleep analysis must be activated manually by the users, in the delivery state it is deactivated. It is therefore a so-called opt-in, in which the user must explicitly agree that his sleep behavior should be measured.

The smart display Google Nest Hub 2 is available at an MSRP of 99,99 Euro in the colors chalk or carbon.

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