Google fact-checking tools

Google fact-checking tools

More information about websites, Fact Check Explorer: These and other functions of Google help you to check search results. […]

On the occasion of the International Fact Check Day of tomorrow, April 2 ( ), Google has introduced four functions that can be used to check facts on the Internet.

Search Query Notes

Note on a topic that is trending right now.
Source: blog.Google

When breaking news or when a topic is trending, there is not so much information about it yet. In the Google search results you will automatically receive a hint (engl.) that it will take some time for several sources to publish information on this topic.
Users see a notice: “It looks like these results are changing quickly” (It looks like these results are changing quickly).
From now on, you will receive additional tips for Google searches, which should help to evaluate online information. However, this is initially only in English in the USA.
According to the blog, users are reminded that they can check whether a source is trustworthy.

More information about websites

Function “About this result”
Source: blog.Google

Have you never heard of a website? Google is now making it easier to find out more about a site.
In the Google search, the function About this result will come soon (About this result).
Via the three-dot symbol next to the search result, you can learn more about the source, find out what others are saying online about this website and more about the topic. About this result is now available for all English-language searches worldwide.

New label “much quoted”

In addition, Google is introducing a new label to help identify messages that are often cited by other media. The label “much quoted” will be displayed in the top stories.
The label will soon be launched on mobile devices in English for the USA and will also be rolled out worldwide in the coming weeks.

Fact checks by independent organizations

Fact Check Explorer
Source: blog.Google

If you use Google News for the desktop on your computer, you can find articles in a search in which independent media from the region have recently subjected certain theses to a fact check. This, as long as they refer to “top stories” of the day.
For this there is the Fact Check Explorer from Google, with which you can search various topics. According to the company, the tool accesses over 150,000 fact checks of reputable media from all over the world. For example, another source in this country is .
Among other things, the investigative nonprofit organization checks false reports on the internet. The donation-financed research center is based in Germany.

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