Google Maps gets five new features soon


As part of this year’s Google I/O, Google has introduced five new features for Google Maps. You can read which ones in this article. […]

All of the following features will be available worldwide on Android and iOS in the coming months. The detailed road map will be available in 50 new cities by the end of the year, including Zurich and Berlin.

At 8 o’clock rather cafes should be displayed

For example, if you open Google Maps in the morning, you probably want to find a café to get an espresso or cappuccino on your way to work (outstaffing). In this situation, restaurants shown on the map are also undesirable and bad for the overview.

By default, restaurants, cafes or companies are displayed in the immediate vicinity (c) / Screenshot

The people of Google have also noticed this. In the future, you can adjust the map so that important places are highlighted according to the time of day and possible travel activity. Below you can see this in an example of New York. Until now, you have to explicitly tap the Coffee button in the Explore tab to see cafés. But a short attempt shows that even then all your favorites (places) as well as saved places are still displayed on the map.

blankExample NY: Would you like to see only cafes at 8 am, but not restaurants? (c) / Screenshot

More detailed road maps

Google introduced the detailed road maps in August 2020. Now this comes for 50 more cities, but you have to wait until the end of the year. The new tickets will then be available in Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Munich, Paris, São Paulo, Seattle, Singapore and Zurich, among others.

blankMore detailed road maps are coming at the end of the year – including for Zurich (c) / Screenshot

The search engine giant uses artificial intelligence to enable users to know more precisely where sidewalks and zebra crossings or traffic lights are located. According to the blog entry, this should especially help people with prams or in wheelchairs.

How animated is it right where you want to go?

According to Google, more than 80 million people use the live information on Google Maps to see how animated a particular place is. This function is now extended. In the future, you can see a relative popularity for an entire area or whether a district is busier than usual.

blankAreas in Rome where there is more going on than usual (c) / Screenshot

This is helpful if you either want to do something in the city on Saturday morning without meeting crowds. Or if you want to know what’s going on in the city.

For pedestrians: Live View

In future, you will be able to access Live View directly from the map to learn more about a location (see video below). As a pedestrian, you can find out about shops or restaurants in your area via augmented reality. You can also see reviews or photos.

blankAugmented reality: You can access the Live view feature directly from the map (c) blog.Google

In addition, helpful new road signs for confusing intersections are displayed. For example, the hotel should be shown to travellers so that they can safely find their way back.

Fewer Rear-End Collisions

The fifth and final innovation concerns routing updates that are intended to reduce rear-end collisions. Thanks to machine learning and navigation data, Maps wants to identify where a driver needs to brake sharply – which means an increased risk of rear-end collisions.

According to the blog entry, every time you use the navigation, Maps will calculate several route options to the entered destination. This is based on various factors, such as the number of lanes on the road, or whether the Route leads directly to the target. With the update, the fastest routes are determined and in addition, on which a driver would most likely have to brake most rarely.

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