Google Nest Cam and Doorbell tested

Google Nest Cam and Doorbell tested

In August, Google unveiled new devices for the smart home. We took a closer look at the smart and battery-powered video doorbell and Nest camera for you. […]

Google has added two new devices to its Nest smarthome line to increase security in and around the home with smart features. With the new Doorbell and the Nest Cam you can get a good overview of what is happening. Via the Google Home app you have the possibility to set monitoring areas and to be alerted to certain activities via the smartphone. Both the Doorbell and the camera are compatible with other Nest network products. The images from the surveillance cameras can therefore also be displayed on the Nest Hub.

The Google Nest Doorbell has a battery and is able to distinguish between packages, people and vehicles thanks to its smart features. On request, you can be notified by app if someone is standing in front of the door. It is even possible to communicate via the intercom, even if you are not at home. You can access the live camera image on the go at any time or rewind up to three hours. Recorded recordings end up in the cloud: Without a paid Nest Aware subscription, however, only the last three hours can be viewed, with subscription up to 60 days.

Smart Camera

With the Nest Cam with battery, Google offers a smart camera with machine learning directly on the device, so less data is transferred to the cloud. As with the Doorbell, it is also possible with the Nest Cam to monitor defined areas and to be “informed” about events. What is useful is that the Nest Cam can be used both indoors and outdoors and, as the name suggests, can be used either with a power supply or with a battery. The device can withstand temperatures of at least -20 and +40 degrees, and is also protected against dust and splash water with IP54. The magnetic connection between the plate and the camera also holds solid. The camera also detects people, animals and vehicles and also has a built-in speaker. As with the Doorbell, it is possible to access and rewind the live image via smartphone or a compatible Nest device.


Both the Doorbell and the camera worked perfectly in the test and were easy to install. Object recognition also worked very well in the test run. The workmanship is high quality and the holder with the magnet makes a solid impression.

The price for the Nest Cam (with battery) is 199 euros. A stand-up bracket costs 35 euros extra. The Nest Doorbell is also offered for 199 euros.

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