Google takes action against annoying browser notifications

Google takes action against annoying browser notifications

In the future, Google wants to prevent users from being disturbed by website notifications that have been secretly slipped to them. […]

The blog 9to5Google discovered a code change in Chrome, which suggests an early update. This update is intended to stem the flood of notifications from websites – especially from those that could be potentially harmful and who, for example, have fooled their permission with text deserts of terms and conditions or banners that cannot be clicked away.

After the update, Chrome should be able to automatically revoke a website’s permission to send notifications and block all future attempts to get this permission again in an unfair way. This is even if a user has previously inadvertently granted this permission to a malicious website.

Even “disturbing” websites that are not directly dangerous could be affected by the change – although it is not precisely defined what disturbing means. According to Google, complaints about (too) frequent notifications are one of the most common reasons for users to complain to the Chrome team. Therefore, these should be reduced to push notifications relevant to users.

Google has previously made attempts to ban potentially harmful notifications – especially those that opened a new tab with ads after clicking on a link. It is not yet clear whether and when the new security feature will be rolled out – various tests are still pending.

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