Green Tech Jam: 48 Hours of Hacking for a Greener Future

Green Tech Jam: 48 Hours of Hacking for a Greener Future


Under the motto “be creative; be green; be a Green Tech Jammer”, students from all disciplines will have the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and skills from 25 to 26 March. At the Green Tech Jam, it is important to solve real challenges from the industry. 5,000 Euros beckon as prize money. […]

The Green Tech Jam 2022 is a cooperation of Green Tech Cluster, Climate Change Centre AUSTRIA & TU Graz. (c) Graphic: Green Tech Cluster Styria GmbH

Whether designer, developer or business economist: At the Green Tech Jam, everyone pulls together. The interdisciplinary Student Hackathon unites students from all fields of study and connects them with green tech companies. The latter present you with real challenges from everyday business life.

The challenges come from a wide variety of industries and from real green tech capacities. This year, for example, pioneers such as Andritz AG, VTU Engineering, but also Energie Steiermark and the Climate Fund are looking for the brightest and bravest minds in the country who make a contribution to sustainability and climate protection with their innovative ideas.

48 Hours Time

The participants have exactly 48 hours for their solutions. The best of them will be selected by a jury of experts and rewarded with a total of 5,000 euros.

Via video message, the green tech entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs turn to the first week of February to the students. They can then register for the hackathon either alone or with friends. You will then meet other potential team members online in March with whom you can solve your desired challenge.

Hungary is on board. In 2021, the Budapest Foreign Trade also became aware of the Green Tech Jam. In addition to all Austrian universities, Corvinus University and TU Budapest are taking part in the hackathon this year. Erasmus students are also very welcome, because the Green Tech Jam is conducted in English. Of course, all green tech hackers are provided with food and drink during brain jogging. And in the best case, you may even get to know your future employers…

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