Guardian NSG-M from Nozomi Networks receives ANSSI’s CSPN Certification

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OT and IoT Security

The French cybersecurity agency ANSSI has awarded the Guardian NSG-M solution the highest Level security certification (CSPN) for OT and IoT security

Nozomi Networks Inc., the market leader for OT and IoT Security, has received the ANSSI security seal for CSPN certification for its Guardian NSG-M solution (product version 21.3, certification report ANSSI-CSPN-2021/28). In advance, the ANSSI (Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’information) had subjected the Guardian sensors from Nozomi Networks to rigorous tests and tests. Guardian is the first OT and IoT security solution of its kind to certify the ANSSI’s ability to provide visibility, security and monitoring for OT, IoT, IT, Edge and cloud assets.

“The ANSSI standards for the cyber security of industrial control systems are among the strictest in the world,” emphasizes Moreno Carullo, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Nozomi Networks . “The CSPN certification confirms the high security and reliability of our Guardian solution, which allows customers around the world to measure their risk potential and detect anomalies in their operations. The certification gives industrial companies and operators of critical infrastructures the certainty that we meet the very high security standards set by a state cybersecurity authority.“

ANSSI’s security seals (“Visa de Sécuritè”) make it possible to easily identify the most reliable solutions. In order to obtain a security seal, a solution must undergo a thorough examination by an inspection body that has been licensed according to strict testing procedures. In particular, this check includes extensive penetration tests and in-depth analyses to ensure that the solution meets the applicable standards.

“The certification by ANSSI is an important signal that underlines the commitment of Nozomi Networks to its customers and partners. This also applies in particular to the numerous partners that have chosen Guardian to develop an MSSP solution that is adapted to the industrial context and is aimed at operators of critical infrastructures. By using an OT sensor with a CSPN certificate, our MSSP partners can offer their own customers an additional quality guarantee“” says Vincent Dély, Director Technical Sales Engineering EMEA, Nozomi Networks.

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