Gulp Survey: Soft skills are crucial

Expertise alone is no longer enough to be successful in the job. Soft skills are considered more important. This is shown by the results of a study by Gulp.

It is the soft skills that determine whether you are successful in your profession. Expertise, on the other hand, is no longer enough to make a career. This is shown by the current results of the working life study by Gulp, a personnel service provider in the fields of IT, engineering and life science.

It does not matter whether you are a freelancer or a permanent employee. Nevertheless, there are differences in the details of the two forms of contract.

Freelancers value self-employment, permanent employees value teamwork

Thus, the expertise of the freelancers was beaten off in tenth place. Rather, according to the participants, it is about acquiring soft skills. At the top of the list was the ability to “work independently” with 84.2 percent of the answers. In addition, “self-confidence”, “communication skills” and “flexibility” were mentioned as important qualities.

The permanent employees surveyed also assess the situation in a similar way. In response to the question “What is important to be successful in a permanent position?” also the points of the freelancers, however, had a different top answer. In employee circles, the “ability to work in a team” is perceived as the most important quality with 77.4 percent of the votes. In addition, “stress resistance” is one of the most common responses with 61.1 percent. The “expertise” was only in eleventh place here.

In his “Working Life Study 2021”, Gulp also wanted to know from the respondents which criteria are decisive for whether a project or job offer is accepted or not.

For freelancers, the “hourly rate”, a “high remote share” and the “professional challenge” are the top priorities in this order.

Employees perceive the “professional challenge” as the most important criterion, closely followed by “vacation days” and “flexible working hours”. Even a “permanent employment relationship” still enjoys a high priority.

Digital infrastructure is becoming increasingly important

Freelancers and permanent employees agree on one point: the “technological standard” of the companies is in fifth place in the ranking. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to provide a modern and digital infrastructure. On the other hand, companies require employees to be able to handle the data correctly.

“The results of our study suggest that companies are increasingly paying attention to the data competence of specialists, i.e. the ability to derive meaningful information from data,” says Michel Verdoold, CEO of Gulp, commenting on the results.

This is not surprising, since big data and the associated data analyses are becoming increasingly important for economic success, he points out. “We therefore assume that the ‘data competence’ skill will be essential for professional success in the future,” is Verdoold’s conclusion.

*Jens Stark is an author at COM!professional.

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