Hacked profiles: Properly secure social media accounts

Hacked profiles: Properly secure social media accounts

ESET shows examples of account thefts and gives tips to protect them. […]

Jena, April 14, 2022 Instagram Facebook and the Meta group alone, which includes platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, have seen an annual increase in users of 12 percent. For cybercriminals, social media accounts are extremely lucrative targets – because due to the high degree of distribution, it is easy to find a victim in identity theft, the distribution of malicious code, the takeover of payment information or extortion. Using examples, ESET security expert Thomas Uhlemann shows how accounts on social media have been stolen and how users can protect themselves in the best possible way.

“Accounts on social networks contain a lot of personal information. Unfortunately, these are often not adequately protected,“ explains Thomas Uhlemann, ESET Security Specialist. “A recent survey commissioned by us highlights the need to catch up on security.

Only a quarter of respondents use a password manager. One in five continues to use a notebook to manage login data. But after all, almost 50 percent of respondents sometimes use two-factor authentication for online services, more than one in four even always. However, one in four still completely renounces it.“

After the holiday, the Facebook account was gone

In his article, Thomas Uhlemann reports, among other things, on the case of a journalist. Shortly after the holiday, he had discovered that he could no longer log into his Facebook account. The “Forgot password” function was no help either, as the e-mail address was changed and two-factor authentication was also activated for his account.

But how did the hackers get the access data?
On vacation, the person concerned had connected to the hotel Wi-Fi and installed a supposed “certificate”. Apparently, the criminals got his credentials with it. An odyssey began to recover the account.

In the article on WeLiveSecurity, another case on Instagram is also highlighted. However, both incidents make it clear that a password alone is hardly sufficient to protect the access data in an emergency. There are general tips on how social media accounts can be reliably secured.

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