Hacker stealing data from a CD project

Source-Code-copies of several games and a large number of internal documents were stolen from the servers of the Polish company. To the demands of the criminals you don’t want to respond.


Also the Source Code of the “Cyberpunk 2077” will be like the hackers to the victim.

CD Projekt was the victim of a comprehensive Hacker attack. This was announced by the company with a one-day delay. According to a note, which was left behind, to Source Codes of “Cyberpunk 2077” to be, “Witcher 3” and other Games looted been. This would be in accounting, administrative, legal, investor and personal documents.

The attackers threatened with a publication, you should not contact you. CD Projekt published the threat, together with a Statement that you do not want to have the claim is received. The data would be restored, and the Polish outstaffing company had already been in close discussions with the relevant authorities. On the publication of the captured data would be preparing at the moment. Apparently, there was, according to the current state of knowledge, no theft of personal data.

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