High-end cybersecurity from Vectra AI on the high seas

Vectra AI hofft auf Lerneffekt nach Kaseya-Ransomware-Angriff


How Tallink is Throwing Cybercriminals Overboard with the help of Vectra AI

The constant technological changes in an IT environment will always be one of the biggest challenges for companies. That’s why it’s so valuable to learn first-hand how companies are tackling the difficulties caused by shadow IT scenarios, new cloud implementations and everything else in today’s growing attack surface. This is especially true if the story is told by a company whose surroundings are literally moving – across the Baltic Sea.

As a business and leisure tour operator, Tallink certainly has a unique environment. The company is now addressing cybersecurity issues by transitioning to a new Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution. So comes Vectra AI used as a critical part of Tallink’s cyber security ecosystem.

Understanding the True Value of NDR

Tallink has been using NDR (Network Detection & Response) since 2018 and has recognized the value it can offer the company: the collection of data and the application of artificial intelligence to detect and respond to attacks throughout the environment. However, the company has learned that not all NDR solutions are created equal and has finally replaced its original solution with Vectra recently for reasons of cost, ease of use and automation. Vectra also integrates with the existing tools in Tallink’s security stack, a capability that the previous solution lacked.

Consideration of shadows-IT

Shadow IT offers all kinds of dangerous scenarios for security teams. Perhaps the most critical challenge is that companies can use systems and devices that are neither known nor secure, but still connected to the environment. This is a particular challenge for Tallink, as the ships are constantly in motion and the crews can simply use various technologies as a solution to a customer request.

“Vectra is at the forefront in terms of quality. It captures all the things that are important. Vectra is easier to use, produces significantly less background noise and means less work. If something shows up now and does something strange, we’ll know“” explains Kalev Noor, Head of IT Operations and Infrastructure at Tallink.

In conversations with security experts like Kalev, it is always striking how different the environments in a company can be and how different the requirements in terms of cybersecurity are. As Noor puts it: “Good people need good tools to achieve excellent results.“

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