Holidays and weekends remain attractive periods for ransomware attacks

Streaming-Dienste wieder verstärkt im Visier von Cyberkriminellen


How to stop criminal hackers even on holidays

Criminal actors consider holidays and weekends as attractive periods for ransomware attacks. As expected, there are fewer IT staff in companies outside office hours who can detect attacks and take appropriate countermeasures. The hackers are preparing for these periods in a targeted manner, as they can safely assume that they have an easy game in attacks and success is assured to them.

The number of assets in companies is constantly increasing – at the same time, the specialist personnel in the field of IT security no longer meet the associated security requirements. In order to compensate for the lack of trained personnel, companies should therefore increasingly rely on automation. This allows you to keep an overview of all your assets around the clock, and you can monitor them continuously and check for possible vulnerabilities in order to react to them by taking appropriate measures. Last but not least, an automated solution is more reliable in detecting and fixing vulnerabilities in real time, because in patch management, the time from detection to fixing a vulnerability is crucial for seamless device security. Thus, even with a temporary understaffing in IT teams, IT security can be maintained.

Automated platforms for continuous monitoring of endpoints, i.e. general services from the detection and response category, enable IT managers to examine their assets for possible threats. In this way, theft of sensitive data from these devices can be prevented as soon as there are first signs of such a theft. For a quick reaction to incidents, it is essential that you do not act alone if a security incident has already occurred. Rather, preventive measures are needed, because these relieve understaffed teams in their response to such incidents, which turn out to be a false alarm. There are providers such as Qualys that extend the classic incident response and offer prevention, detection and response to security threats on endpoints. In this way, the entire attack chain can be monitored with a proactive approach, instead of just reactively addressing existing threats. With the right tools, a compromise of the company systems can be prevented at any time of the year.

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