Hologate implemented a new large-scale XR-event arena in Fürth, Germany

The Munich-based VR and XR specialist Hologate has been announced for September, the opening of the Hologate World. Hologate is working with the P&P group, in the shopping center and the surface is realized, which is to serve as a template for other Franchise locations.

With its VR solutions Arena and lightning, the Munich-based company is one of Hologate of the Top players in the area of Location-based VR Entertainment. Over 400 systems were sold worldwide, among other things, the cinema chain Cineplex employs the Hologate solutions in selected theatres in Germany. Now the people of Munich for the next step.

At 1200 square meters, and under the name of Hologate World-Germany’s most cutting-edge XR-Entertainment and event space is currently being built. Is realized by the surface together with the Partner P&P group. This is the operator of the new Shopping centre Flair that is currently being built in Fürth, and – in spite of the pandemic in the fall to open up.

The Hologate World includes a Bar, a lounge area, Hologate Arena and lightning systems, but also an E-sports Arena, as well as new attractions to celebrate the opening Premiere. Especially the Hologate World in Fürth, but also as a Franchise blueprint for other Shopping Mall locations, or departments.

“With the introduction and integration of new, groundbreaking entertainment options, the Hologate World is the next level of immersive worlds of adventure for the entire industry,” soLeif Petersen, CEO and founder of Hologate. “We are pleased to have a strong Partner in the P&P group found for the realization of this Vision.

And Michael Peter, CEO and owner of P&P group, adds: “Our goal is to create with the FLAIR of a living experience platform (team project) and to generate through the numerous offers maximum frequencies. In addition to excellent Tenants and innovative catering concepts, we have searched for you with the ultimate Entertainment Highlight for this vibrant Lifestyle Location in the heart of the city. With the Hologate World, we have found these, and can thus offer a new, unparalleled attraction, which is worldwide unique in this Form.”

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