How do I delete my Telegram account?

If your contacts have moved to Signal or Threema, you may sooner or later want to say goodbye to Telegram completely. To back up the chats and delete the account. […]

Since the messenger “WhatsApp” belonging to the Facebook group has come under criticism for privacy concerns, many users have dealt with other messengers and installed several at once. Among these is also Telegram. In the meantime, the dust has settled around the messenger exchange hype and it crystallizes for many, on which platforms the acquaintances now exchange. If your contacts are more likely to have migrated to Signal and Threema, deleting the Telegram account should also be an issue. Let your most important contacts know that you are leaving Telegram and on which way you can be reached from then on.

Easiest: do nothing

If a Telegram account is completely inactive for more than 6 months, Telegram will automatically remove it, Telegram writes in its FAQ. Inactivity means that you will not log into the account for 6 months. If you look into the account once during this time out of curiosity, the count for the inactivity time starts from the beginning. A Telegram app running in the background on the smartphone automatically logs in again and again to search for new messages.

So if you want to get rid of the Telegram account with the smallest possible effort, uninstall the app, then the thing should take care of itself after 6 months, according to Telegram. If you still want to back up data or take the deletion into your own hands, leave the app installed on your smartphone until you have completed the deletion. Read more on the following pages.

Controlled exit: secure chats

You may want to have a little more control over your Telegram goodbye. Therefore, leave the app on your smartphone for the time being, because you will still need it there for some confirmation messages. Even if you say goodbye to Telegram as a platform, some chats may still be worth keeping. Watch out: Allow at least 24 hours for backup. The smartphone app itself does not provide a backup function. But you can use the desktop app for this.

For example, download it for Windows from here and set up your account using your mobile phone number. For this, the still active Telegram app on the smartphone should still be necessary. Do you now have your Telegram account on your desktop? Open the settings via the hamburger menu at the top left( the one with the three crosslines). Tap Advanced, followed by Export Data. Scroll through the list and check which data you want to export. Under” Location and Format ” select HTML format and e.g. the suggested Downloads folder. Click Export.

Select the data to back up and set HTML as format (c) Montage

Now comes the 24 hours. The Telegram desktop app tells you this: “For security reasons, you can start downloading in 24 hours. To ensure that the request is authorized, we have notified all your devices of the request. So you have time to react if the request was not started by you. Wait until (date / time of tomorrow) and make the request from the same device again.»

A corresponding message should now appear on your smartphone, which informs you about the backup request. In that message, do not tap anything that could stop the backup request. Just wait until the next day. The next day, in the same desktop Telegram app, open Hamburger menu/Settings/Advanced/Export Data again. If necessary, select the data and HTML format again and click Export. Now Telegram Desktop creates the export file. Once it is ready, click View Data. You can find them in the download folder.

Controlled exit: Delete account

Telegram refers to this German-language guide to the deletion process. It is not witchcraft, but requires that your Telegram account is still running in the app on the smartphone. Have you saved any important data and informed your acquaintances about your departure from Telegram? Visit the deactivation website on your desktop PC Enter your mobile number in international format, i.e. without spaces, but with the plus sign and the country code (41 for Switzerland, 49 for Germany, 43 for Austria). So not so 079 xxx xx xx, but so + 4179xxxxxxx. Click Next.

Type your number in international format (c)

Now to the reason why you still need the working Telegram app on your smartphone at this time. Within the app (and not as an SMS) a message with a confirmation code appears, e.g. starting with “You can use this confirmation code to log on the Telegram website 🙁 here the code) […]». In the desktop browser, type the received code in the Confirmation code field.

On the left, for example, is the message with the code, as you receive it in the Telegram app on your smartphone. On the right side of the desktop browser, the code entry field (c)

Click Sign In. Then a query like ” Delete Your Account?”(“Delete your account?»). If you want, you can in the field ” Why are you leaving?”(“Why are you leaving Telegram?”) type in a justification. But this is voluntary. Tap Done or Done or Finish to delete the account. (PCtipp Forum)

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