How much does an App cost to your company?

How much does an App cost to your company?

This is surely the first question that a company or entrepreneur asks when they have an idea and want to develop an App to carry it out. In fact, the two most frequently asked questions for mobile app developers are, How much does it cost to develop a mobile app? and how long does it take to develop the App?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer, because as in any other area, there are many differences. The question would have a similar answer to How much does a house cost?. Well, there are of all qualities and prices depending on many variables such as size, location, whether it is new or old, the materials used, nearby services, etc.

Similarly, in the world of Apps something similar happens. There are tools that allow beginners without programming experience to “mount” some simple applications, for not much more than€ 10 per month. However, they tend to be prototypes without too much travel or extremely simple applications that are limited to showing static information.

Without entering the world of intermediate greys, under my expert point of view, having worked developing mobile Apps for third parties for almost a decade, most customers, expect from their application something much more complete, functional, and in some cases, it is the basis of their business, so they must hire the development of them to an expert developer, avoiding the “shortcuts” and tools that promise a lot at low cost.

It is also very difficult for a single person to develop a company or business product of a certain size, since to be able to develop an application satisfactorily, you must have a series of factors that it is very difficult to cover with a single professional profile. Analysis and planning of the project, graphic design and usability, iOS, Android and sometimes web development, a backend system (data server) and backoffice (administration panel) to manage the applications, a quality and testing protocol, as well as the necessary knowledge for the publication, positioning and acquisition of users in stores (Appstore and Google Play). In other cases, you have to perform integrations with ERP’s or third-party APIs.

Finally, every App requires a constant effort to keep it alive, so it needs to be updated periodically, to correct, improve or add new features to it.

The answer to how much does my App cost? it’s getting complicated. In the end it will depend largely on the amount of services and the expected quality of them.

In the case of the development of an enterprise App, or an App as a startup’s business base, it is likely that the App is also relatively complex or novel, and the answer can initially scare the customer and is that mobile applications are not web pages. Applications are much more complex and need to be highly specialized in order to develop and maintain them properly.

The total cost, obviously depend on the complexity and necessary services to develop the application, but to get an idea more concrete, a complete application, with all the services necessary for you to have guarantees of success, usually cost between 15,000 € 60.000 € for each platform, and the development time is usually between 8 and 16 weeks. If it is desired for multiple platforms, then the price increases, in the same way as if you hire other services such as graphic design or advice for the publication and promotion of the App.

Although they are simple references, some companies offer online tools, which help us roughly to make an approximate assessment of our App. Here are some of them:

Taking this into account, you have to decide, if it is finally worth developing an App at the business level or not, which implies having a return on investment at some point, and in such a case choose the right company that offers the best guarantees, or on the contrary, discard the initial idea.

Many companies also choose to develop a single platform or make a simplified prototype, usually called MVP (Minimum Viable Product) so that they can validate at the user level that the original idea is on track, making a lower investment and limiting risk.

At Develapps, we have been helping our clients achieve success through their mobile applications for years and we are experts in the entire value chain necessary from design and development, to publication and subsequent maintenance and promotion.

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