How to broadcast games on the Oculus Quest on the computer

How to broadcast games on the Oculus Quest on the computer

A Reddit user found a method of transmitting content in real time from a stand-alone helmet Oculus Quest the first and the second version through the usual browsers. Stream gameplay occurs over a wireless network using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, this helmet does not want to connect to a computer using a cable.

How to start the stream

1) Go to in the section casting in one of the browsers Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome

2) Next, put on your helmet Quest 1 or Quest 2, go to the home menu and locate the “Share”function

3) Tap the “Cast”, then select the required PC from the list of suggested devices.

After that You can start streaming in VR with near-zero latency in real time. Today, this method is the most convenient solution for streaming and recording videos without using third party apps. Note that at the moment the audio from the microphone is not recorded, you will have to use an additional microphone, if You want to add comments to the gameplay.

Also the picture is transmitted in a square resolution, not wide angle. This function is provided officially from Facebook, the guide is here.

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