How to convert a PDF to a Word file

How to convert a PDF to a Word file

Editing a PDF file does not necessarily have to be tedious. […]

PDFs are notoriously difficult to edit. Have you ever caught yourself calling an online converter just to sign and date a document? Yeah, that’s frustrating. This will ensure the integrity of the contents of the file. If you need to make changes to a document, it is best to convert it to a Microsoft Word document and make the changes there.

Convert a PDF Document to a Word Document with Adobe Acrobat DC

One of the best ways to convert your PDF to a Word document is to use Adobe Acrobat DC. Unfortunately, Adobe Acrobat DC is not free. The standard version costs 15.50 euros per month and is only available for Windows. The Pro version, available for Windows or Mac, costs 17.99 euros per month.

Adobe Acrobat DC is a great application, and if you work with PDF files on a daily basis, it is certainly worth your money. However, if you only want to convert a PDF to a Word document once in a while, there are other free methods to do this as well. In this case, you can continue reading with the next sections. If you already have Adobe Acrobat DC or want to buy it, read on.

First, open the PDF file in Acrobat DC and click Export PDF in the right window.

Next, select Microsoft Word and then Word Document as the export format. Click Export.

Now you just have to choose a location to save the document. After you select a location, Acrobat DC will convert the document.

Convert a PDF Document to a Word Document with Microsoft Word

You can also convert a PDF document to a Word document using Microsoft Word. The only drawback is that although this method is free, it is often associated with certain formatting problems. Depending on the complexity of your document, you should prefer to use Adobe Acrobat DC. If the content of your file is relatively simple, then Word will do.

First, find the PDF file on your computer. Right-click on the document and hover over the Open With option in the context menu. In some cases, you may see Word in the submenu. If this is not the case, select Select Other application instead.

A pop-up window will appear. If you see Word here, select it. If not, click More Apps.

Scroll down, select Word, and then click OK.

Word starts, and a pop-up message appears, notifying you that the program is converting your PDF file into an editable document, and that the result may differ from the source file. Click OK to continue.

Word now converts your PDF file into a Word document.

Convert a PDF file to a Word document with an online conversion tool

For security reasons, we recommend converting your PDF file to a Word document locally. If you upload your document to a remote server, there is always a risk that the content will be exposed. However, if your document does not contain sensitive data, using an online converter is another reliable way to convert your PDF to a Word document. These programs all work the same – you just need to upload your PDF, and the converter will convert it to a Word document.

There is also no shortage of online PDF converters. Bigpdfconverter, smallpdf, pdftodoc and pdftoword are some of the most popular programs. In my personal experience, they all coped with the task without any problems. And what’s even better: they can all be used for free. Read through the policies of each program to decide which one is best for you.

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