How to create your own QR code

QR codes have found their way into our everyday lives and can be used universally. Here we will show you how you can create QR codes for various purposes yourself. […]

QR codes are everywhere. On entrance tickets, on business cards or, of course, on invoices. But also, for example, on billboards, when advertisers want to attract customers to their website. All it takes is a smartphone and a QR reader app and that’s it. How to get your own QR code:

  1. Surf the website which is now also available in a German-language version
  2. Under “Type”, select the purpose that the QR code should fulfill (enter a URL, write an SMS, generate a calendar entry, send an e-mail, and so on)
  3. Under “Content”, fill in the necessary data, for example a URL
  4. The QR code is now automatically generated
  5. You can now choose whether you want to download the code as PNG or JPEG, or whether you want to embed the code directly into your website – the service will then generate a corresponding HTML code
  6. After clicking on Download, you can color the QR code under foreground and background as you like – this does not change the functionality, as long as the contrast of the two colors is large enough


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